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Best Above Ground Pool Vacuum 2018

Best Above Ground Pool Vacuum 201​8Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide Quick Navigation Best Above Ground Pool Vacuum 2018Above Ground Pool Vacuum Buying Guide Nothing is more appealing than a sparkling, crystal clear pool on a hot sunny day. Of course if you own a pool, you know that sparkling clean water does not come about by chance. Without […]

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Best Pool Covers You Can Walk On 2018

Best Pool Covers You Can Walk On 2018As great as owning a pool can be, there are times when swimming pools need to be covered. Whether you need to protect your pool from sunlight and evaporation or simply prepare for the down-time during winter months, there are many benefits of using a pool cover. Some […]

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Are Water Bugs in Pool OK? | Resource and Info

I think we can all agree that bugs are gross and annoying. Especially in the pool. The perfect way to ruin a summer day is to be all ready for a dip in the pool only to find it overrun with creepy crawlies. Even worse, many of those water bugs in the pool will actually […]

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The Definitive Guide of Free Chlorine vs Total Chlorine

Chlorine And Your Pool.What Is Chlorine?Scientifically, Chlorine is a Halogen, simply meaning that it is salt form. However, you can buy chlorine in tablet or liquid form and can be purchased from your local hardware store or pool shop.Chlorine is used in most swimming pools, either solely (chlorine pool) or in combination with salt (saltwater […]

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Ultimate Guide to Raise pH in Your Pool | PoolAuthority

Tips, Tricks, And Products To Raise pH In A PoolAre you looking to increase the pH level in your pool? Swimming pool owners need to be attentive and responsible to maintain a clean, sparkling pool, and balancing pH levels is one major part of pool maintenance. If a pool pH has dropped too low, the […]

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Ultimate Guide to Lower pH in Your Pool | PoolAuthority

How To Best Lower pH In A PoolIntroductionHaving your own personal swimming pool is a fantastic luxury, but also requires extensive attention and maintenance. Pool water can often get an unbalanced pH level, and when the pool pH is too high, swimming is uncomfortable and unsafe. Achieving a lower pH in your pool may seem […]

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