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The Northwest region of the United States is rich in nature, providing outdoorsy types with beautiful trails and landscapes to enjoy. Whether you are a hiker, runner, or simply love the sense of escape that the outdoors have to offer, you likely appreciate the unique environment that northwestern states have to offer. You can find a sense of community with other nature lovers in the Northwest with many blogs on the Internet today. Each with an individual take on the outdoor scene in the American Northwest, the 20 blogs listed below are most certainly worth checking out.

Hiking For Her

Hiking For Her

“Hiking for Her” is a comprehensive guide to hiking, providing accessible information specifically targeted toward women. Run by Diane Spicer, lifelong outdoor enthusiast and experienced hiker, this blog provides a myriad of resources that will set you up for a successful hike. You can find guidance on hiking types, basics, clothing, footwear, reviews of gear, what to eat on a hike, and more. Spicer relocated to the Pacific Northwest over 20 years ago and has hiked all over the region, giving her the experience to provide thoughtful insight on the area. “Hiking for Her” is a must-read for any woman who loves to adventure in the outdoors.

The Big Outside

The Big Outside

Sure to catch the eye of any nature lover, “The Big Outside” is chock-full of entertaining stories and breathtaking photos, as well as valuable advice on a range of topics pertaining to outdoor recreation. Author Michael Lanza is highly experienced in all things outdoors, having been the Northwest Editor of Backpacker Magazine as well as a seasoned hiker, backpacker, climber, cyclist, backcountry skier, trail runner, and paddler. Michael has a passion for sharing his extraordinary outdoor adventures with readers, especially those he enjoys with his family. With two kids, Michael has a wealth of knowledge on how to engage your children in a fulfilling outdoor experience, creating memories to last a lifetime. “The Big Outside” is sure to spark your excitement for adventuring in the many magnificent landscapes the world has to offer.

Walking With Wired

Walking with Wired

It is no surprise that “Walking with Wired” has made it onto this list, as it is one of the most popular blogs on thru hiking in the world. This blog functions as a journal for Erin Saver, a distinguished, “Triple Crowner” thru hiker based out of Portland, Oregon. Nicknamed “Wired” for her boundless energy, Erin puts out a daily detailed post complimented by several photos when she is on the trail, making her one of the most active and ambitious bloggers in the field. “Walking with Wired” also stands apart for its impressive features, including a map that tracks her location in real time, a milage counter, and a precise hiking schedule for Erin’s year ahead. As a follower of “Walking with Wired”, you are practically hiking along with Erin on her incredible adventures.

Trail Snail

Trail Snail

“Trail Snail” is a charming blog following the life of Ingunn, a devoted mother and lover of the outdoors. Raised in Norway, Ingunn now lives in Seattle with her husband and two young daughters, sharing her adventures in hiking, running, travel, scrapbooking, and parenting with the avid followers of her blog. Ingunn’s skills as a scrapbooker are apparent in her posts, which are not only beautiful to look at but also easy to navigate. Stunning photos of Ingunn’s adventures on the trail coupled with her playful anecdotes are sure to delight a variety of audiences.

Northern California Hiking Trails

Northern California

If you are seeking top-quality information on hiking in the Northwestern region of the US, this blog is for you. “Northern California Hiking Trails” is headed up by John Soares, who is both an experienced writer and practiced hiker, having co-authored 100 Classic Hikes in Northern California. Each post provides detailed, specific material pertaining to the trails of this region, with topics including trail conditions, profiles of particular trails, news in the hiking community, and more. Many of the posts include videos which display the magnificent areas to which John has traveled. This blog is not only a reliable source for advice on the outdoors but also an excellent place to find inspiration for your next trip.

Trail Cooking

Trail Cooking

Cooking and eating on the trails poses a major dilemma to outdoor adventurers everywhere. Kirk and Sarah Kirkconnell, owners of “Trail Cooking”, have developed a solution to this issue with trail-friendly recipes and gear to help you eat well in the outdoors. On their blog, the Kirkconnells share how they prepare tasty dishes that require minimal use of appliances and are light enough to carry on the trails. In addition to posts related to cooking on the trails, this blog includes material on hiking gear, trip reports, workouts, and book reviews. What truly makes “Trail Cooking” shine is the passion that Kirk and Sarah have for innovating the way we eat on the trails--their enthusiasm for delicious yet accessible food is apparent in every post.

I Heart Pacific Northwest

I Heart Pacific

The incomparable landscape of the Pacific Northwest region is what inspired Lisa D. Holmes, author of “I Heart Pacific Northwest”, to become a dedicated hiker. Lisa used her skills as a graphic designer to create her blog, a culmination of photos, maps, and hiking and backpacking-related content including recipes, gear reviews, trip overviews, and more. With two self-published hiking books and years of adventuring the Pacific Northwest area behind her, Lisa puts out informative content that any outdoor enthusiast is sure to enjoy.

Hiking The Oregon Coast Trail

Hiking the Oregon

If you have hiked or have an interest in hiking along the Oregon Coast, this is the blog for you. Author Bonnie Henderson has hiked all of the trails and beaches along the Oregon Coast, as well as thru-hiked the Oregon Coast Trail in two sections. Needless to say, Bonnie has extensive knowledge on this area, and loves to share it on her blog. Her posts provide priceless advice on the best way to navigate an Oregon Coast adventure, from where to find water to the most efficient routes and everything in between. “Hiking the Oregon Coast Trail” is an invaluable resource that you can use to experience the one-of-a-kind Oregon region.

Oregon Hiking

Oregon Hiking

William L. Sullivan is the author of this highly informative blog about the state of Oregon. As the notable author of several novels, three Oregon travel/adventure books, two Oregon history books, and two adventure novels, and having hiked every established trail in the state of Oregon, Sullivan is a great authority on hiking in this region. On his blog you will find detailed descriptions of 500 Oregon hiking trails, complete with vivid pictures and instructive maps. The hikes are organized by region for your convenience, categorized into either the Northwest, Central, Southern, Eastern, or Coastal area of Oregon. You will also find trail updates to help you make the most of your hike and a wildflower search tool, which allows you to identify wildflowers you spot whilst adventuring.


Clever Hiker

“CleverHiker” is a blog dedicated to simplifying outdoor adventure, making this seemingly daunting activity approachable for everyone. The bulk of the content includes thorough trip reports, thoughtful gear reviews, and excellently produced videos. Main author Dave Collins has been backpacking since his childhood, and is now an Eagle Scout, thru-hiker, wilderness guide, and adventure traveler. He and his team are eager to share their knowledge on journeying the outdoors with the online community, and their passion is apparent in this frequently updated blog. “CleverHiker” captures the wonderful spirit of the outdoors while maintaining a clear, professional tone in each and every post.

Perimeter Trip

Perimeter trip

“Perimeter Trip” is a blog by Frog Finnegan, created to update readers on his ambitious adventure around the entire perimeter of the United States. Beginning in Boise and proceeding counter clockwise, Frog completed his trip on August 14th of 2016, having been on the road for roughly 115 days. His incredible journey yielded far more material than what was posted over the course of the trip, however, and the blog continues to be updated today with stunning videos, vibrant photos, and thoroughly entertaining input from Frog himself. By reading this delightful blog, you can experience the highs and lows of Frog’s remarkable trip through the many extraordinary landscapes of the U.S.

Stueby’s Outdoor Journal

Stueby’s Outdoor

Unlike most other blogs on this list, “Stueby’s Outdoor Journal” touches on all sorts of outdoor activities, like camping, mountain biking, canoeing, hiking, mountain biking, backpacking, whitewater boating and stand up paddle boarding. The blog even discusses winter pastimes including skiing and snowshoeing, making the content accessible for nearly anyone who enjoys spending time outside. Author Steve Stuebner is based in Idaho and loves to share his adventures with this blog’s avid readers. Steve is also the author of several bestselling books on the topic of the outdoors in Idaho and has a remarkable level of experience in the area, which is apparent in his top-quality blog content. Each post updates the reader on Steve’s excursions, complete with bright photos, weather maps, and even the occasional video. For anyone with an interest in outdoor exploration, “Stueby’s Outdoor Journal” will be an engaging read.

Stuck In North Idaho

Stuck in North

​“Stuck in North Idaho” is a glimpse into the lives of Andrea and Kyle, proud residents of the Northwest and zealous lovers of the outdoors. With their adorable dog, Juneau, in tow, the couple loves to explore northern Idaho and share their experiences with their avid readers. Their content is both entertaining and informative, providing stories from their varied outdoor adventures along with helpful tips that were learned along the way. Gorgeous photos supplement their posts, exemplifying the beautiful landscape of northern Idaho. This charming blog has something for everyone, and is a must-read for any Idahoan.

Trail Maniacs

Trail Maniacs

“Trail Maniacs” is more than just a blog; it is an organization based in the Inland Northwest that arranges ambitious trail races to raise money for cross country teams in local high schools. This community of trail runners, hikers and mountain bikers offers a sweeping assortment of benefits to its members, but anyone can enjoy the content they offer on their blog. Headed up by Dave Dutro, race director and owner of “Trail Maniacs”, this blog keeps its readers updated with race reports, training guides, gear reviews, and more. Much of the content combines the author’s vast experience on the trails as well as outside sources to create a detailed, reliable source of information. Also, the blog provides entertaining race recaps, complete with photos, so you can informed about the racing community. If you love to be out on the trails, get involved with this fantastic club.

Montana Vacation Blog

Montana Vacation

“Montana Vacation Blog” is an outstanding source of information to plan a trip anywhere in Montana. With information on every region in the state, family-friendly activities for every season, and much, much, more, this comprehensive blog has everything you need to know about adventuring in Montana. This blog is authored by Alex, a Montana native with a love for exploring the outdoors with her family. The goal of Alex’s site is to supply detailed information on fun activities in Montana so that travelers can make the most of their trip. Having grown up in Montana, Alex has the thoughtful insight of a local, and her appreciation of this beautiful region is apparent in every post. Whether you live in Montana or are looking to plan a visit, “Montana Vacation Blog” is an excellent source of information and an enjoyable read.

​My Dirt Road Anthem

My Dirt Road

“My Dirt Road Anthem” is a delightful blog following the endeavors of Montana-based Christy, a lifetime runner and outdoor fanatic. Since 2011 Christy has been frequently updating her blog with race recaps, training summaries, gear reviews, and more. The combination of Christy’s inspiring passion for running and cheerful spirit make for fun, engaging content that is sure to capture your attention. No matter the weather, Christy ventures out to the trails, ensuring that you can enjoy her content all year round. For ardent runners like Christy, Montana locals, or anyone with a passion for the outdoors, “My Dirt Road Anthem” is sure to entertain.

You Did What With Your Wiener?


It is evident from this blog’s title that author Jessica Rhae has an excellent sense of humor. Determined to break the mold of typical outdoor enthusiasts, Jessica and her two wiener dogs, Chester and Gretel, love to embark on challenging adventures. Whether they are hiking, camping, traveling, paddle boarding, or simply enjoying the gorgeous landscape around them, Jessica and her adorable dogs exemplify the fact that you don’t need to have a perfect physique to be an ambitious adventurer. The content of this blog includes tips for traveling with a dog, special guidance on caring for small dogs, pet product reviews, general information about keeping yourself and your pets healthy, top-quality photos of magnificent landscapes, and more. This blog is a must-follow for any pet owner who loves to get outside.

Kim Kircher

Kim Kircher

If your favorite outdoor activities take place during the winter months, this is the blog for you. Kim Kircher is an incredible individual; as a ski patroller and EMT, she has earned both a National Ski Patrol Purple Merit Star and a Green Merit Star. Her accomplishments do not stop there, however; she is a decorated journalist in the Pacific Northwest Region and her memoir, THE NEXT 15 MINUTES, was awarded the NASJA Harold Hirsh Book Award. All of these amazing achievements translate into a riveting blog following her adventures on the slopes. Complete with photos, videos, and graphics detailing the slopes she travels, the content on Kim’s blog is sure to inspire winter sports enthusiasts across the country and world.

Another Mother Runner

Another Mother

​“Another Mother Runner” is an association designed to encourage and support mothers who love to run. Founders Dimity and Sarah have a passion for running, and they love to share that passion with other busy moms across the country through their podcasts, books, and, of course, blog. The content of this blog keeps followers updated on what the organization and its members are doing, tackling topics such as the effects of alcohol on runners, breast cancer, weight management, and many more. The relatable posts are especially relevant to mothers, which is why this site has gained such a high level of popularity. “Another Mother Runner” supplies women everywhere with the guidance and inspiration they need to meet, and exceed, their personal goals.

Wholistic Running

Wholistic Running

Committed to educating runners on the healthiest, most efficient way to train and perform, “Wholistic Running” is an invaluable resource to many in the running community. Damien Stoy, a professional ultra marathon runner, experienced coach and biomechanics specialist, is the founder of this great site. Together with holistic nutrition expert, and decorated runner Lindsey Hintz, Damien offers a wealth of information on how to achieve your running and fitness goals faster and without injury. After overcoming crippling injuries in past years, Damien has been injury-free for over 11 years, despite running upwards of 100 miles per week. If you want to learn his incredible tactics for maintaining health and happiness whilst running intensely, check out the “Wholistic Running” blog.


If you are lucky enough to regularly travel in the Pacific Northwest, you know that the landscape is one of incomparable beauty. Whether it be hiking, camping, and backpacking in the summer or skiing and snowshoeing in the winter, there are countless activities to enjoy all year round. Thanks to the varied experiences of the many authors discussed in this article, the blogs listed above all offer a wholly unique perspective on the outdoors, providing entertaining and informative content to their many followers. Don’t pass up an opportunity to enjoy the fantastic content that these blog owners are producing--check them out now.​

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