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If you are new to hydroponics you may have had a lot to wrap your head around (like I once did) choosing what you wanted to grow, what method and finally which fertilizer. I’m here to help. I have rated the top 5 hydroponic fertilizers that I advise from personal experience and some further down the list I was recommended by the guys at my local garden shop. First thing you will notice that I have chosen mostly liquid fertilizers reducing the need to mix, my first two preferences are in a packs, this list is based on what is best across the board whether you're using the reservoir method, the nutrient film technique or the drip system and anything in between in regards to hydroponics. I’ll give you a little background on each product and why it may be perfect for you.

Best Hydroponic Nutrients and Fertilizers 2018

1. Fox Farm Liquid Nutrient Trio Hydroponic Formula - Best Hydroponic Nutrient 2018

Don’t be discouraged by the multiple bottles of fertilizer in this pack, it will all make perfect sense in a minute. Fox Farm has developed a fertilizer regime specific to the stages of growth of your plant or crop with includes 3 products.

Now for your not so complicated regime:

  1. ​Start with Grow Big aimed for abundant green growth
  2. Switch to Tiger Bloom at the first sight of bud or set flowering
  3. Use Big Bloom throughout all growing cycles and to heal root systems and of course increase nutrient cycling.

This product is ideal for mature, late season flowers and fruit if this is you then don’t look any further.

Another value pack, another not so complicated fertilizer regime. The way to think about it is a more specialised or no-fail fertilising that won’t kill your plants. Logical? Again there are 3 stages:

  1. ​FloraGro to use first building strong roots during plant's vegetative stage (between germination and flowering).
  2. FloraMicro is used during the plant's growth and bloom cycle
  3. FloraBloom used when plant is fruiting or flowering.

That’s not so complicated? One product from planting to budding, one product from budding to flowering and repeat the process! This product is specifically designed for hydroponic systems, whilst Fox Farm can be used on both hydroponic and traditional gardening.

I was recommended this product from a keen gardener at my local shop, he swears by it. It’s a multi-purpose powdered fertilizer that is odor free and highly water soluble to make mixing a breeze. This is an all in one, think of all the steps listed in the two products above and this does it all for you whilst ensuring your plants get all its hydroponic nutrients. Perfect for the more straightforward gardener. SEA-90 improves health, growth of fruits or flowers (some even use it for livestock feed) perfect for families as it’s 100% natural and organic leaving is safe for you, your pets and family.

This product has been specially formulated to provide better germination and growth and is an excellent choice as a hydroponic fertilizer. This product is similar to the one above except in liquid form. This product has been designed especially for hydroponic systems but it seems it can be utilized on houseplants and outdoors too. This product is also organic and it pH buffering eliminated the need of adding salts or pH corrector. This product has been shown to improve the release of micro-nutrients perfect for seedling, vegetative growth, and flowering. Although I’m not familiar with this product it's received rave reviews from consumers, and many of them at that. So another all-in-one product for the no-fuss gardener this is the way to go if you prefer liquid over powder.

Now I’m going to reach out to the inner hippy in any of you, living on the coast this product makes perfect sense to me. Those who live more inland may need some coaxing. Fertilizer made from Kelp, similar to what your sushi is wrapped in. This product is harvested along the North Atlantic Shoreline and surprisingly is odor free. This product is shown to open up the plant roots to allow more effective water and mineral uptake while ensuring your plant pH is within the ideal growth (around 6.5 for most) level. This product can be used on hydroponics or on trees outside all with the aim of noticeably increasing your yield.

Now I hope that I have helped in one way or another of choosing your perfect hydroponic fertilizer or you could say hydroponic plant food (cheeky). I have given you a snippet of liquid stage fertilizers by Fox Farm and General Hydroponics. I’ve given you an all-in-one powdered option an all-in-one liquid option and let's not forget the Kelp. The Kelp! The most traditional and simplistic of them all, so you're thinking how should you pick? If you’re the by the book gardener than I’d suggest going for the stage-specific hydroponic fertilizer that I rated 1 and 2. If you’re an all-in-one type of guy-gal-person and in the end just wanting hydroponic plant food go for my number 3 or 4. If you’re more daring, go for the kelp.

Now. Good luck and happy gardening.

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