Best Hydroponic Reservoirs 2018 | Buying Guide and Review

Hydroponics is a soil-less version of gardening, which allows plants to grow more quickly and yield a more abundant harvest. This is better for you, better for the plants, and better for the environment.

As hydroponics continues to grow in popularity, the market is being flooded with different products, which makes it difficult to decide which one is right for you. The best place to start would be to decide what type and size of the reservoir you’ll need. I’ve compiled a list of the top 5 hydroponic reservoirs in 2016 to help you make this decision.

Best Hydroponic Reservoirs 2018

1. Active Aqua 100-Gallon Reservoir - Best Hydroponic Reservoir 2018

Active Aqua is a worldwide leading brand in hydroponics, thanks to the large variety and high quality of the products they offer.

This 100-gallon reservoir is UV resistant and made with ABS plastic, which increases its longevity. It is also built to easily fit under your hydroponic system and has a convenient access porthole.

Measuring 53” x 53” x 13”, the 100-gallon reservoir provides maximum growing area for your plants. It also offers a grid pattern design with multi-level drainage channels, which allows for quick, thorough drainage. Plus, as an added bonus, this hydro reservoir has rounded corners, making cleaning simple.

General Hydroponics offers a rather convenient type of hydroponic tank. These tanks are compact and lightweight, making them easy to move and set up. These tanks also offer the unique quality of being collapsible.

Measuring 24”W x 37.5”H, the Covert hydroponic tank is made to be set up in a small space. It can also be used as a rain barrel or for water storage in case you change your mind about hydroponics.

In addition, these hydro tanks are made with food grade plastic, making them safe for you and your plants. Plus you can feel good about using recycled materials!

Tuff Stuff is known for offering products that are built to last. Their brand of hydro reservoirs certainly lives up to this same standard.

The Tuff Stuff hydroponic reservoir falls under the heavy-duty category and provides industrial level endurance. It’s also made from 100% recycled plastic that gives it a rubber-like quality and aids with its longevity. Not to mention, you can feel good about your purchase.

This tank measures 46” x 31” x 17”, so it will fit under your hydroponic system. However, because of the durable material, it’s made from, it tends to be on the heavier side. Though, again, it will last longer and is environmentally friendly.

General Hydroponics has already made one appearance on this list, but the Greenhouse Panda Reservoir is a worthy second addition. This 40-gallon hydroponics reservoir is one of the most environmentally friendly tanks on the market.

The reservoir boasts a sleek design that allows it to be placed in smaller spaces, which means more gardening space for you. Its white exterior reflects light, while its black interior discourages the growth of algae.

Although this reservoir is on the smaller side, it provides an easy access hatch to make changing nutrients simple and quick. The smaller size also makes it more lightweight and easier to transport.

Botanicare is another brand that offers quality, environmentally friendly products. Their hydro reservoirs are made with recycled and recyclable materials using solar energy, and they are built to last.

This reservoir might be on the smaller side, but this makes it lightweight and easy to move. It’s built in the USA with white ABS plastic, making it UV resistant and safe for your plants. It also boasts a built-in access port and extra room for aeration.

As an additional bonus, the Botanicare hydroponic reservoir comes with a lid and is 100% backed by a manufacturer’s warranty.


Hydroponics is an excellent alternative to traditional soil gardening. Whether you’re looking to start small or dive right in, there are plenty of quality products to help you get started.

Hydroponics can be done by anyone, on any scale. Plus, it offers benefits that regular soil gardening simply cannot. This type of gardening does require slightly more time and dedication, but the higher yield, faster growing times, and ability to continuously reuse the same tools make it more than worthwhile.

Once you decide what type of system you want to use, choosing a reservoir can be simple. Whatever your needs may be, the odds are high that you’ll be able to find a hydroponics reservoir that’s right for you.

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