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Backpack sprayers have many uses. Most commonly, they’re used to spray fertilizer or pesticides. However, these comfortable and convenient tools can be used for a plethora of outdoor and indoor jobs.

That being said, with so many different options on the market, it can be difficult to choose which is the best backpack sprayer for you. Each company claims to be the best and offer the latest in spraying technology. How can you be sure you’re getting a quality product that will get the job done?

I’ve compiled a list of the best, based off backpack sprayer reviews online, to help you figure out which one works best for your needs.

Best Backpack Sprayer 2018

Solo’s motto is, “Insist on the best, accept nothing less.” Their professional piston backpack sprayer is no exception to this rule.

Equipped with a 28” unbreakable wand and a piston pump capable of up to 90 psi, this sprayer can handle many types of jobs. It holds up to four gallons, and comes with four nozzles to make those jobs even easier.​

The Solo sprayer has padded straps for comfort during extended use, along with tabs on the sides that can be used to easily adjust the straps. As an added bonus, it has a shut-off valve with a lock on/lock off feature to help keep your hand from cramping up.​

2. Chapin Tree/Turf Pro Commercial Backpack Sprayer

Chapin is a company well known for their high-quality backpack sprayers, and the Tree/Turf Sprayer is one of the best.

This sprayer features a three-tank filtration system, which helps prevent clogging. It also has a pressure gauge shut-off valve, three nozzles for different types of spray work, and a stainless steel wand. It also has a large opening, which makes filling and cleaning simple.

The Chapin sprayer holds up to four gallons, so you can cover a large area in a short amount of time. Plus, with padded shoulder straps and a waist strap, you can wear the sprayer as long as need be.

​Field King sprayers are a popular choice amongst professional horticulturists, so you can rest assured this is a quality product.

This backpack sprayer comes with four nozzles, chemical resistant seals, and a no-leak pump to prevent any chemicals from spilling. It holds up to four gallons, and the pump can be easily repaired without needing any extra tools.

The Field King sprayer has an internal pump capable of reaching up to 150 psi, making it ideal for those hard-to-reach places. The high psi also allows for a more precise spray pattern. In addition, the sprayer has internal paddles that keep solutions mixed and ready to be sprayed.​

Smith Performance backpack sprayers were definitely built to last. This sprayer holds up to four gallons and can handle over one million spray jobs with no maintenance. Not only is it durable, it’s also made with plenty of padding so you can get the job done without discomfort.

While most backpack sprayers simply use a cotter pin for handle attachment, the Smith Performance sprayer uses a threaded bolt that keeps the handle attached with no slack.

​This sprayer comes with four nozzles and is also compatible with nozzles not made by the manufacturer, so they can be easily replaced if you happen to lose one. Plus, there are only a few parts, which means less maintenance for you.

Stanley makes a backpack sprayer that is suitable for both professional and personal jobs. It comes with three nozzles for various applications, a three-stage filtration system that prevents blockage and clogging, and a continuous spray feature.

This sprayer is equipped with a large pump for fast pressurization and less pumping. It has padded straps so you can spray for an extended period of time, and a handle that can be used with either your right or left hand.

The Stanley sprayer tank holds up to four gallons and has a large opening ideal for filling and cleaning.


According to backpack sprayer reviews, the best knapsack sprayers offer a variety of nozzles, so they can be used for many different types of jobs. They also offer comfortable straps and can hold larger amounts of liquid, cutting down on the amount of breaks you need to take to either readjust or refill the backpack sprayer.

Even with the enormous variety of options on the market, choosing which backpack sprayer is best for your needs doesn’t have to be difficult. Whether you’re looking to fertilize your garden, get rid of a pesky hornet’s nest, or stain your deck, there will be a knapsack sprayer that can do the job.

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