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When it comes to household appliances, chainsaws hardly qualify as products that most people usually keep in their shed, and much less as one of those objects which the average citizens use on a daily basis. The gas powered chainsaws are heavy and loud, making their use in a residential setting cumbersome and annoying for the neighbors. For this reason, chainsaws have long been designed as tools for use in farms or for industrial deforesting purposes. However, this all changed after the invention of the electric chainsaw, which turned this product from an unwieldy and loud appliance to a lightweight and silent tool, allowing it to be used in most settings, from your local farmhouse to the peaceful residential suburbs.

The very first chainsaw’s origin is up for grabs, for it is believed that it was first designed by the German orthopaedist Bernard Heine, at some time around the 1830s. However, instead of being used for cutting trees and branches, the Osteotome - the designation of the first chainsaw - was used to cut bone either for orthopedic procedures or for life-saving surgery. Much like today’s modern chainsaws, the osteotome consisted of chain links with small cutting teeth on the edges. The links were joined together to create a chain, which was then set alongside the edges of a guiding blade. The chain’s rotating movement was activated manually by turning the handle of a sprocket wheel. While rudimentary, the osteotome set the stage for what would be one of the timber industry’s most important and valued tools; one that would get multiple adaptations to accommodate for different types and sizes of trees and branches.

The very first chainsaw for use in the timber industry, however, can be attributed to one Samuel J. Bens of San Francisco, in the early months of 1905. In that year, Bens filed a patent for the first “endless” chainsaw, which consisted of chain links carrying cutting teeth on the edges, and running on a guided frame, all of which were powered by a motor. The intent of this tool was for the felling and processing of giant redwoods. Bens’ chainsaws were big, loud, cumbersome, and couldn’t be operated by one person. The first portable chainsaw can be attributed to Canadian millwright James Shand in 1918 who, after letting his rights to lapse in 1930, set the stage for other developers to improve upon his invention.

As years went by, other companies would take up the challenge to improve upon the iterations of this power tool. The years 1926 and 1929 marked the invention of the first electrical and gasoline-powered chainsaws, respectively. When World War II peered its ugly head around the corner, the supply of German-made chainsaws was interrupted, so American developers such as Industrial Engineering Ltd, Pioneer Saws, and a part of Outboard Marine Corporation stepped up and handled the brunt of both the design and manufacturing of chainsaws in the United States.

The rest, as they say, is history. Nowadays we find all types of chainsaws for sale on the market, with a wide variety of makes, models, and sizes. The electrical chainsaw is, by far, one of the most used power tools when it comes to residential gardening or home landscaping procedures. This device is perfectly suited for these environments, as they’re small enough to be comfortably wielded by both veteran and amateur gardeners, and hardly make any noise (at least compared to regular, gasoline-powered chainsaws). The bars of these chainsaws are also short enough to allow precision cutting of branches, reducing the risk of accidentally harming the tree in the process. Furthermore, these tools also come equipped with a wide slew of features that make maintaining and keeping them in top shape a cinch.

Today, we’re here to talk to you about what makes an electric chainsaw great. Further down the line, we’ll also be addressing the factors you’ll need to consider in order to make the very best purchase that will allow you to obtain a quality tool without breaking the bank. If you’re looking for the best electric chainsaws of 2019, then you’ve come to the right place. Read on!

​Before hopping into our list of top 5 best electric chainsaws, let’s go over a few things to keep in mind when browsing the market for one of these tools.

Best Electric Chainsaw 2019

1. Makita UC4051A Electric Chain Saw - Best Electric Chainsaw 2019

Starting off the list is this electric chainsaw by renowned manufacturer Makita. The UC4051A is a “tool-less” chainsaw, which means that the operation and maintenance of this machine does not depend on any tools or equipment. This 16” chainsaw can be easily operated and serviced with only your hands; the only thing you’ll need in order to properly use this product is an extension cord, which is pretty much standard with any electric chainsaw. This product is equipped with rubberized handles and grips for ease of use, and the large trigger switch with soft start makes it very comfortable during initial startup. This machine is also equipped with a current limiter, which effectively powers the chainsaw down when it detects an overload in the machine’s motor. The large oil reservoir comes with an equally large window, which can be used to monitor the chainsaw’s bar oil level on a whim.

Like we mentioned above, Earthwise is a company mostly focused on the manufacture and sales of lawn mowers and, throughout the years, they have become increasingly proficient in this trade. However, that doesn’t mean that they don’t have other products in their catalog worth mentioning. This corded electric chainsaw consists of a 16” with an automatic oiling system and, similar to the entry above, “tool-less” operation, which allows the user, via an oversized knob located on the right side, to adjust the tension of the chain. Other safety features included in this product are the bar and chain cover and cord retention hooks, included with your purchase, as well as an electric brake stop.

From the pioneers of the American woodworking industry themselves, comes this 16” electric chainsaw. The DCCS690M1 is powered by a 40V Li-Ion battery, which can provide hours of quality performance without the hassle of having to perform cable management or having to lug around cumbersome electric extension cords. Further, the 4AH batteries are powerful enough to provide energy for the performance of any given gas-powered chainsaw, with, once again, the convenience of being cable-free and without producing the nasty fumes common in most gas-powered chainsaws. The bar of this chainsaw is equipped with a low-kickback chain for ease of use and, with their patented self-lubricating LubriLink and LubriWell technologies, you will receive a product that will serve you faithfully for years to come. Some of the safety features installed in this product include a chain brake switch, a tool-free tensioning system, and a variable speed trigger.

4. WORX Electric Chainsaw With Auto-Tension, Chain Brake, And Automatic Oiling

This electric chainsaw by Worx definitely shines among the rest on this list, both for its 14.5 Amp motor, which can rival the performance of other gas-powered chainsaws, and for its very accessible price. You will receive a product that is both very strong and easy to use. The 16” bar is equipped with a low-kickback chain, as well as a patented auto-tension system, which keeps it at just the right tension, even after hundreds of uses. This feature is especially important, as it will save you from countless maintenance sessions that you will otherwise need to perform on your electric chainsaw in order to keep it performing optimally at all times. All these aforementioned features, coupled with other elements such as a self-lubricating bar, a quick-fill reservoir, and chain brake, just help to sweeten the deal for those looking for a cheap and powerful power tool that will allow them to cut down and process just about any type of log or tree.

Topping off this list is this electric chainsaw by renowned manufacturer Black & Decker. The LCS1020 is equipped with a small 10” bar, which makes it ideal for working in the garden without disturbing the neighbors. The battery used to power this device consists of a 20V Li-Ion unit complemented with patented Black & Decker 20-volt lithium system, which allows it to run for at least 5 times longer than other products that use similar batteries. The chainsaw is also equipped with a chain brake, a tool-less tension adjusting knob, and an auto oiling system, for your convenience. While it is not recommended to do so, the small size of this machine allows the user to operate it with one hand if necessary, which makes it ideal not only for home gardening and landscaping but for trips to the outdoors as well.

For a 14” electric chainsaw, this product by GreenWork definitely offers the best bang for your buck. The GreenWorks 20222 is equipped with a 10.5 Amp motor which, if not able to rival the performance of traditional gas-powered chainsaws, is still more than powerful enough to effectively perform any task around your property. Furthermore, the hefty 14” bar allows it to tackle medium-sized trees, as well as allowing you to prepare the logs after they are chopped, either for disposal or to cut them into firewood.

This product earns an honorary spot on this article for the same reason as the one we just mentioned. This electric chainsaw is equipped with a big 16” bar, which allows you to take on any task that a traditional gas-powered chainsaw can, for a fraction of the price. Furthermore, the powerful 12 Amp motor allows this chainsaw to generate chain speeds of up to 2600 feet per minute, which is more than adequate to rival the performance of other chainsaws in higher price ranges. Granted, this electric chainsaw won’t be cutting through logs as fast as a gas-powered machine could, but with a price tag that can be effectively referred to as pocket change, we’ll definitely consider this a bargain.

This compact, lightweight 14” chainsaw is specifically designed for trimming the trees in your property, as well as for performing precision cutting of its branches and vines. The chainsaw itself is equipped with a low-kickback chain for increased stability and a reliable 8 Amp motor. You won’t be cutting down redwoods with this chainsaw anytime soon, but as far as trimming and processing are concerned, you could do much, much worse than this chainsaw.

This electric chainsaw, which we’ve taken to calling the “little giant,” offers a performance to rival that of gas-powered chainsaws. It comes equipped with a large 18” bar, and a 15 Amp motor that can cut through logs like a hot knife through butter. The feature that makes this product stand out from the rest is the patented self-sharpening technology it possesses, which effectively eliminates downtime due to dull chains. If you feel your chain losing sharpness, you can simply make use of the product’s PowerSharp Sharpening System and be back in action in record time. Similar to most other models listed in this article, this chainsaw has a chain brake, as well as a tool-less tension adjustment knob, so that you can make on-the-go tweaks to keep your chain at just the right tension at all times.

To end this list on a good note, we present you this 16” electric chainsaw by Homelite. It offers reliable performance when it comes to cutting down trees and branches of up to 32” in diameter. The 12 Amp motor is suited for providing fast chain speeds, which will allow you to cut through basically any type of small to medium-sized trees. Due to the lower price, you really can’t expect it to have all the bells and whistles of other, more expensive models. However, this saw is equipped with all the safety you’ve come to expect from every other product on this list, such as chain brake, tool-less chain adjustment knob, wrap-around soft handle grips for increased ergonomics, and so on.

Best Electric Chainsaw Buying Guide

In order to make the very best purchase - and not limit yourself only to the 10 suggestions we will provide in the next section - you will need to take into consideration several factors about the electrical chainsaws available on the market. Sure, it’d just be easy to look up the most famous brand and throw your money at the most expensive model. Nevertheless, that solution is neither ideal nor cost effective.

If you’re new to the industry and don’t care to familiarize yourself with the intricacies of electric chainsaws, then we’ll be listing the most important things you need to keep in mind when looking to purchase one of these pieces of machinery. We’ll try to keep it short and sweet, so read on!

Corded Vs Cordless

When it comes to ease of use, we already established that gas-powered chainsaws are king. You simply can’t beat the convenience of being able to take your tool to town anywhere, without worrying about whether your extension cord is long enough, or if the cable is getting damaged due to the excessive foliage present in many woodland settings. With that said, electric chainsaws present a lightweight and silent alternative to the environmentally-unfriendly gas-powered chainsaws, with the aforementioned drawback of having to lug an extension cord around wherever you need to operate the machine, not to mention that, in some settings, you will also need to secure an electric generator in order to power your tools, which can further drive up the costs.

If this is the case, and you have no access to any electrical outlets nearby, then you might find value in investing on a battery-powered chainsaw. These electric chainsaws have their power source lodged into their frame, and can be recharged by simply connecting them to an outlet for a set amount of time. These machines have the versatility of gas-powered chainsaws but suffer during prolonged operations, as they can run out of juice fairly quickly.

For short landscaping or gardening purposes, we’d recommend a battery-powered chainsaw. However, if you need to perform extended cutting in inhospitable environments full of brush, vines, and foliage, then you will definitely need an electric chainsaw that will allow you to operate indefinitely, as long as the power source lasts.


Electric chainsaws are, without a doubt, the most budget-friendly alternatives in the market, at least when compared to their traditional gas-powered counterparts. While petrol chainsaws can go for several hundred dollars apiece, electric chainsaws usually come in different shapes and sizes, and with equally varying price tags, which can go for several hundred bucks, to just under $100 for the smallest variants.

This isn’t to say that there doesn’t exist a fair share of high-powered and very expensive electric chainsaws available for purchase, some of which that may even rival the performance of some powerful gas-powered chainsaws. Makita, for example, has among its catalog of corded electric chainsaws some of the most powerful models on the market, rivaling some petrol-powered chainsaws. Furthermore, the more expensive electric chainsaws will also likely include several quality-of-life features destined to make the user’s life a little bit easier.

Bar Length

As you may know, the bar length of any given chainsaw will play a determinant role in the types of trees and logs you will be able to process with the tool. As a general rule of thumb, the longer the blade, the bigger the trees you’ll be able to cut down, and the more unwieldy the machine will become. Some of the largest chainsaws often require 2 people to operate them, due to their power, weight, and size. Most corded and battery-powered chainsaws often sport a bar length of 12 to 18 inches long, the latter being enough for most casual users. With an 18” bar, you will be able to cut down and prepare most trees, for most types of purposes, such as for firewood, or disposal.

Shorter bar lengths, on the other hand, are ideal for those who need to cut on the go, either to carve a path or to swiftly gather fuel for a campfire. For these purposes, a shorter 12” bar may be ideal, as they can be used on the move, and with only one hand, to cut and process the smaller trees and branches.

The length of the bar you’ll want will depend heavily on the task you will need to perform. As a general rule of thumb, it’s better to buy a bigger bar if you’re not sure what you’ll be using your electric chainsaw for; it’s easier to use a bigger chainsaw for smaller tasks than trying to use small chainsaws for bigger operations.

​Chain Speed

The speed at which the chain will rotate along the bar is measured in feet per minute, or meters per second; the bigger the number in this aspect, the faster the chain will be moving along the bar. Because gas-powered chainsaws tend to have stronger motors, the speed of the chain is not really an issue with these types of devices. A standard gas-powered chainsaw can easily generate chain speeds of 5000 feet per minute, which is more than enough to cut through any log.

With electric chainsaws, however, it’s an entirely different matter. Since these machines have weaker motors (especially in the battery-powered models), the chain speed they can generate will be usually lower than those acquired by gas-powered chainsaws. This implies that electric chainsaws will generally take longer to cut and process a log than a gas-powered machine. Furthermore, if the electric chainsaw is not adequately used, the chain may also dig into the log and get jammed.

However, despite electric chainsaws being weaker than gas-powered machines, the concerns for their performance are usually magnified, since they will perform adequately in 99% of the cases. Even so, you shouldn’t consider purchasing an electric chainsaw if you plan on doing any deep-forest cutting.


This is, hands down, one of the areas in which electric chainsaws excel the most. These machines keep things clean and simple. You don’t need to constantly monitor gas tanks and worry about getting your clothes stinky due to the fumes. With electric chainsaws, getting work done is as easy as plugging the machine into an outlet, and going to town. The electric motors are usually quieter than gas-powered chainsaws and are ideal for residential and camping purposes.

Granted, when it comes to noise, the electric chainsaws are still subject to the racket generated by the bars and chains. The longer the bar, the louder the machine will be. Regardless, it’ll never be as loud as a gas-powered chainsaw, that’s for sure.​

Why Electric?

As many workers in the forestry industry can attest to, the best power tools are those that provide the most efficient weight-to-power ratio. In this regard, no tool can come close to the traditional gas-powered chainsaw. The raw power you can produce with one of these machines is enough for any type of use and purpose, bar none. With that in mind, how can electric and battery-powered chainsaws hope to compete?

Well, as it turns out, if we compare these two types of products based on factors other than raw cutting power, then the contest becomes immediately more interesting. In this section, we’ll be performing a comparison of these two types of chainsaws in order to help you understand the ups and downs of each one. Before doing that, however, let’s lay out a few base principles: chainsaws - both electric and gas-powered - come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and weight, so, for the sake of this comparison, we’ll be considering that both chainsaws are of similar size, bar length, and weight. Furthermore, considering that an important part of chainsaw manipulation comes from the chain itself, we’ll also be assuming that, in both cases, each chainsaw is equipped with a reduced kickback chain for ease of use.

Without further ado, let’s see how these products measure up:

  • Noise
    When it comes to residential landscaping, the electric saw is silent and, with a full charge, can get you through any and every task you might want to perform in your backyard or front yard. When it comes to chopping down small trees and cutting them down to size, both types of chainsaws are equally matched; as long as there’s an outlet nearby, the electric chainsaw allows you to basically perform any task you could with its gas-powered counterpart. Nevertheless, while the former is silent and clean, the latter is noisy and produces smoke due to the internal workings of its engine. Bottom line, while the gasoline chainsaw can definitely excel in all types of forestry & woodcutting, you wouldn’t be able to use it near churches, hospitals, schools, or any other zones where making noise is a concern.
  • Cutting
    It’s already a given that, in sheer cutting power, the gasoline-powered is evenly matched by its electric & battery-powered counterparts. However, when it comes to woodcutting in wildlands and forests, the gasoline and petrol chainsaws will always bear a significant advantage over other types of chainsaws. This is because the performance they can put out is more consistent than the ones created by electrical chainsaws. In the time it would take to prepare a tree for the chopping block, the electrical chainsaw’s battery would be mostly spent, while its gasoline-powered cousin could still keep chugging along, faithfully cutting each and every piece of branch, trunk, and vine in your way.

    Even if you could somehow produce a generator, or power an electrical chainsaw on-site, you would still have the issue of a cumbersome cable getting tangled with the vast amount of brush and foliage commonly spread out through the woodlands. So, despite offering similar types of performance, the gasoline chainsaw will always be better for woodland cutting. When it comes to firewood or preparing trees for processing, what matters most is being able to produce the highest amount of usable pieces in the least time possible. In these cases, it really doesn’t matter if you make a racket, or get stinky from the gas fumes, so gasoline-powered chainsaws will always be the go-to option in these cases.

When it comes to electric vs gasoline-powered chainsaws, there really isn’t much of a contest. Despite being similar tools, they’re designed to be used in different situations. If you need to make perform some trimming or landscaping on your property, then you will be better off with an electric chainsaw. If, however, you need to perform some serious woodcutting in the local forest, then gasoline power is, hands down, the way to go.

The Different Brands Of Electric Chainsaw

Like everything else in life, when it comes to power tools, investing in brand quality is usually preferable to purchasing a product from an unknown company, especially if you want to save yourself some hassle in the future. While products from good companies usually go for higher prices on the market, they also provide more than just the machine; behind every great company there are not only great products, but an awesome quality control, and a dedicated customer support team as well. In that sense, even if the product you purchase doesn’t measure up to the hype, a good company may opt to replace your product, or even give you your money back if you weren’t satisfied with its performance.

That being said, if you’re not sure which electric chainsaw to buy, consider taking a look at the popular brands:


This company has had a solid trajectory in the world of power tools. It started off in 1915 as a Japan-based motor repair shop under the name Makita Denki Seisakusho. After years of improving their service and techniques, the company began manufacturing and exporting electric motors. With an amount of fame under their belts, the company switched their name to Makita Electric Works, Ltd. In 1958, the company designed and released their first power tool, a portable groove cutter, followed shortly by a circular saw and an electric drill in 1962. The following years leading to the present saw the release of Makita’s first cordless tools, as well as the further enhancement of their existing technologies.

Nowadays, this company has branched out to America, with the name Makita Corporation of America, and has over 100 cordless power tools for sale, all powered by their patented 18V slide-style batteries, which last longer than other tools and can be recharged faster, as well.


With over 120 years in the industry, Earthwise Tools has been around for nearly every industrial revolution in America. This Indiana-based power tool company started off as a lawn mower company, aptly named American Lawn Mower. Over the years, the industry saw many changes, including the industrial revolution which greatly outclassed the traditional reel lawn mowers. Earthwise was one of the few lawn mower companies that survived the fierce British competition overseas. While this company is mostly focused on lawn mowers, they have also branched out to produce several power tools, including eco-friendly electric chainsaws, among others.


This Pennsylvania-based company has almost 100 years in the industry of woodworking and forestry and started with the invention of a single engineer, Raymond DeWalt. While he was working as superintendent of Seabrook Farms, DeWalt perfected the first woodworking machine, for the purpose of increasing productivity and versatility. In 1924, DEWALT Products Company was founded, with a single product in their lineup; a universal woodworking machine known as the DeWalt “Wonder Worker”. With this marvelous piece of machinery, the young company saw great success and garnered a faithful customer base. Nowadays, the company is known as DeWalt Inc. and the 90’s saw the development of their first line of portable electric power tools, specially designed for contractors, remodelers, and woodworkers. Their electric power tools are also ideal for homeowners that wish to perform remodeling of their property while keeping noise to a minimum. Today DeWalt is a very successful company, with more than 200 products to their name, including several electric chainsaws.


WORX offers an innovative line of tools and equipment for working in the great outdoors. These tools are designed mostly to facilitate work on the garden, as well as for woodworking and forestry. All of their machines are equipped with intuitive features, such as tool-less adjustment and tweaking, as well as the very best in ergonomics that the industry has to offer. Their products can be swiftly adapted to any size and shape so that anyone can operate them with ease. Among their catalog of products you will find hedge cutters, lawn mowers, electric chain saws, leaf blowers, and much more.

Black & Decker

With over a century of innovation, Black & Decker has been in the vanguard in terms of design and functionality. From their humble beginning as a mechanic’s workshop in Baltimore, Black & Decker has always remained firmly committed to satisfying the client’s requirements. Today, each and every one of the tools manufactured by this company, from the Black & Decker Workmate, to the first cordless drill and electric hedge cutter, are designed to inspire their customers so that they can transform their homes from places to spend their times, to the sanctuary they’ve always dreamed of.

To facilitate these objectives, Black & Decker puts a wide variety of power tools and equipment in the hands of their users, from electric screwdrivers, electric chainsaws, and other complex machinery, to the most basic of basics, such as hammers, hatchets, and other types of traditional products.


As their name suggests, the folks at GreenWorks has taken it upon themselves to provide the tools necessary to perform work on your home and garden without the frustration and hassle of manual or petrol-powered equipment. With the lineup of products offered by this company, anyone can take care of their yards and home without raising up a cloud of nasty smoke billowing up from the exhausts of traditional gas-powered equipment. When it comes to electricity and battery-powered tools, GreenWorks is one of the most prestigious companies out there, having been awarded the Environmental Protection Agency’s ENERGY STAR approval rating.

If taking care of your home while also protecting the environment is your concern, then you will benefit greatly from investing in a product manufactured by this company.


Founded in 1951 by Nick Anton, Wen Tools helped bring together electricity and tools, effectively putting the “power” back into “power tools”. Their talented research and development team has been charged with the design of several everyday tools such as the common chainsaw, soldering guns, electric jigsaws, electric engravers, and tool sharpeners, among others. This company is also the pioneer of random orbital technology, which is the awesome piece of tech seen in most electric waxers, polishers, and buffers, all of which are used to provide cars everywhere the shine and streak-free look that they deserve.

As you can see, Wen is a company that is not only focused on manufacturing quality chainsaws, as their repertoire has grown to include everything from drill presses, tool chests, bench grinders, electric generators, and air compressors, to name a few.


Ever since its beginning in 1921, Remington has always been in the business of power tools, starting out with the manufacture and sale of gasoline and electrically-powered drills and saws, among others. This company is well-known for the dependability of its products, as they can provide years of service without breaking down or requiring replacement parts. In 1954, after a World War and significant hard times all around, Remington introduced its first chainsaw to the market, which was sturdy and strong enough to weather even the toughest lumberjack’s duties. From that period on, Remington has been constantly expanding, each time introducing more products into their repertoire. Their objective is to design tools for virtually any task imaginable, so that taking care of your home is more a matter of performing the task and less worrying having the right tool for the job.


Oregon is the premium brand of Blount International Inc, a global leader in the manufacture of replacement chains for chainsaws since 1947. Alongside their other commercial brands such as Carlton, SpeeCo, and ICS, Blount designs, produces, and sells equipment and replacement parts for professionals of some of the biggest industries in the world, such as forestry, gardening, lawn care, farming, ranching, and agriculture, among others. Based in Portland, Oregon, Blount manufactures its products in the United States, Canada, Brazil, and China.

To complement their global leadership in the development of motorized cutting tools, Oregon has designed their patented Oregon battery system. With on the Oregon PowerNow Li-Ion battery platform, the catalog of tools manufactured by this company still manages to remain a step ahead of the competition when it comes to the reliability of their cordless technology.


For almost 7 decades, Homelite has been actively participating in the home power tools and equipment industry, developing products designed to ease the burden of performing any such tasks, and offering the very best quality at the lowest possible price. From lawn mowers and hedge cutters to electric generators and pressure washers, Homelite has everything you need to take control of your backyard and work on your property, without having to break the bank in the process.

Electric Chainsaw Wrap Up

When it comes to choosing the very best products in this category, it really pays off to browse your favorite retailers and gauge the quality of the product by reading through a couple electric chainsaw reviews. However, always keep in mind that your choice of product will depend heavily on the type of task you’re aiming to perform with the machine in question. If anything, by choosing electric chainsaws over their gas-powered counterparts, you’re effectively saving yourself from a lot of hassle, such as being fume-free, skipping the difficulties of starting up the machine, and preventing the pollution of the environment, as well as producing less sonic pollution due to quieter motors. Electric chainsaws are also easier to handle due to their reduced weight and size, and can also perform adequately at lower temperatures since they don’t rely on internal combustion in order to power the spinning chain. If you add battery-powered machinery to the list, you’re also gaining a tool which is not only good for working on your property, but also for taking on camping trips or weekend outings.

In a nutshell, there quite a lot of reasons to invest in an electric chainsaw over gas-powered cutting tools, especially if you’re looking for a tool to use at home, rather than for industrial or professional purposes.​

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