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Having an attractive lawn is sure to brighten up the spring and summer months for you and your family. Unfortunately, bumps and unevenness can detract from the beauty of your lawn, as well as make it uncomfortable for children to play on. Enter lawn rollers: these garden tools are used to level out the surface of your lawn for a clean, uniform look. The benefits of using a garden roller are not solely aesthetic, however. Rolling a lawn will also make it easier to mow, seed, and sod. You can even use a roller to rid your lawn of mole tunnels. While the cost of periodically hiring a landscape maintenance company to level out your lawn can quickly add up to thousands of dollars, rollers can be purchased for a few hundred dollars at the most. There are even some models available for around $100 for those with limited budgets. You’ll be able to use the tool as often as you like, and it is sure to last for years to come. Read on for an overview of the best lawn rollers available today, along with all the information you need to select the perfect product for you.

Best Lawn Roller 2019

1. Brinley PRC-24BH 270-Pound Combination Push/Tow Poly Lawn Roller - Best Lawn Roller 2019

Having been in the lawn and garden equipment industry since the 1800s, it is no surprise that the brand Brinley-Hardy has put out the number one product on this best lawn roller review list. Despite this company’s deep-seated roots, this excellent lawn care product is a modern take on a classic roller, providing a higher level of efficiency than most every other option on the market. As a combination roller, you have the option to either push it manually or use it as a tow behind with a tractor or other motorized vehicle. Its 18 x 24 inch dimensions make the PRC-24BH ideal for a number of different lawn setups. For smaller or abnormally shaped

lawns, it is compact enough to navigate narrow spaces and tricky turns. For lawns of a greater size, this roller runs a 24-inch path and is sturdy enough to withstand being pulled behind a vehicle. Plus, it includes rounded roller end caps for seamless turns that won’t cause any harm to your lawn.

As a poly roller, the Brinley PRC-24BH is designed to be filled with water or sand for an adjustable weight that can easily be removed once the task is completed. This heavy duty lawn roller has a 28 gallon, or 270 pound, capacity which allows for an exceptional level of adaptability to accommodate several lawn care needs, from seeding to sodding. Constructed of top-quality polyethylene, the drum will not dent or rust with proper storage, so you can trust that this roller will last for years to come. Note that while this product can withstand rainfall and most every other weather condition, it should be stored dry in order to ensure its longevity.

The Brinley PRC-24BH Poly Roller is one of the most popular products of its kind on Amazon and is of a very high quality, especially for its extremely affordable price. A select few customers reported having difficulty with the fill cap, but these complaints were outweighed by the high volume of positive feedback. The PRC-24BH from Brinley is well-rounded, a great value, and could be the perfect choice of roller for your lawn.​

2. VEVOR Garden Roller Steel Lawn Roller - Best Value Lawn Roller 2019

VEVOR is a large supplier of a wide assortment of consumer goods across the globe. This company’s Garden Roller is one of the leading rollers on Constructed of ultra-strong, rust resistant gauge steel, this roller is built to deliver excellent results for years into the future. This lawn care tool is a fantastic value.

One of the best features of the VEVOR Garden Roller is its large dimensions. Measuring 14” by 36”, its working width of nearly 40 inches will make the process of rolling your lawn much faster and more efficient. The steel material is just 2 mm thick, to allow for the highest

possible drum capacity without making the empty structure inconveniently heavy. The drum has a diameter of 360 mm and a water capacity of 263 pounds, although it may also be filled with sand. When empty, the roller weighs 55 pounds; a manageable weight for when it comes time to put the device in storage. To make the process of filling your roller a simple one, this VEVOR product includes a closable side filling opening.

The VEVOR Garden Roller is sure to satisfy all types of lawn owners; it can be used as either a push or tow behind roller. As a tow behind, this roller is designed to be used with a tractor of 10hp or more. Used manually, it can easily be used to roll smaller lawns.

The VEVOR Garden Roller is one of the most affordable rollers in its class. This product has earned a perfect rating of 5 out of 5 stars, with reviews that praise its user-friendly design and solid performance in a range of applications. This garden roller from VEVOR hits all of the marks for a top-quality roller, and is available for a great price. It is certainly worth consideration in your garden roller search.​

3. Agri-Fab 24-Inch x 36-Inch Commercial Steel Tow Lawn Roller

Agri-Fab is a company that is committed to putting out American-made, top-grade lawn care products that will simplify the task of maintaining a healthy, attractive lawn. This brand’s lawn care expertise and reputation for quality make the Agri-Fab 24-Inch x 36-Inch Commercial Steel Tow Lawn Roller one of the leading roller options out there today.

With a drum water capacity of 640 pounds, this garden roller is the most powerful option on this list, as well as the largest with a diameter of 24 inches and a width of 36 inches. It is constructed of welded seam steel for both sturdiness and fortitude. The great size and potential weight of this roller make it a highly attractive option if you have a large area of land or a very big lawn to maintain. As a tow behind roller, you should only purchase this product if you have either a tractor, motorized lawn mower, or ATV to attach it to. This product is a heavy duty lawn roller and has the capability to make a significant impact on your lawn after just one use.

This Agri-Fab product has been designed with complete customer satisfaction in mind. It includes a handy scraper bar which keeps lumps of soil from building up on the roller drum--an ingenious addition that will further simplify the rolling process. To ensure an easy set up, the fill/drain plug accommodates a typical garden hose--the drum will be filled with water in a snap.

This roller from Agri-Fab is more expensive than other options. The higher price is to be expected since the roller is very large and built for intensive use. For a product of its caliber, this price is a very good value. Plus, having earned a customer rating of 5 out of 5 stars on, you can feel confident that the Agri-Fab Commercial Steel Tow Roller will deliver on its promises.

4. Brinly PRT-48SBH 485-Pound Tow Behind Poly Lawn Roller

The PRT-48 SBH Roller is another fantastic product from Brinley that would be a great option for those with a very large lawn. With nearly double the capacity of Brinley’s PRC-24BH roller, the PRT-48 will make rolling an expansive area quicker and more efficient, not to mention less physically exhausting. This product is a tow behind roller for use with a tractor or other motorized lawn vehicle.

The PRT-48 SBH has a diameter or 18 inches and a length of 48 inches to cover more ground with a single pass than any other option on this list. This impressive width will offset the drum’s heaviness to avoid losing traction or straining your tractor’s drivetrain. The massive, dent and rust resistant polyethylene drum can hold 54 gallons of water. You can also fill this 485-pound capacity drum with sand. The filler cap has an ultra wide diameter to make filling and draining the drum fast and easy--you can use a simple garden hose for complete convenience. Once emptied, the roller weighs 60 pounds, making transport and storage manageable. The drum has rounded ends to get the job done without causing harmful gouges in your lawn.

The Brinley PRT-48 SBH is one of the most expensive options on this list. However, considering its size and quality, the somewhat higher price is justified. Plus, since it is intended for use on large plots of land, purchasing this roller will save money in the long run as it spares you from having to regularly spend money on a landscaping service. This heavy duty lawn roller is a popular lawn care product on, having earned an average customer rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars from over 40 reviews. Customers rave that assembly is exceptionally simple and the device functions exactly as promised. A few customers note that the fill cap caused problems during setup, but these complaints are few and far between. If your lawn requires a roller with additional length and weight, the PRT-48 SBH could be the perfect choice for you.

5. Bon 84-203 24-Inch By 18-Inch Diameter Steel Salt And Lawn Roller - Cheapest Lawn Roller 2019

The Bon 84-203 roller features an old-fashioned design for simplicity and straightforward functionality. With a forest green structure that holds some nostalgic charm, this classic lawn tool has made it onto this best lawn roller reviews list for its remarkable durability and distinctiveness amongst its competitors. Few manufacturers continue to sell garden rollers like this one, as the pressure to add more modern features and design elements increases. The absence of extra features with the Bon 84-203 works to its advantage. But, while the design may be from the past, the quality of the 84-203 is up to the same standards as other rollers in the field. This roller just gets the job done right, no need for bells and whistles.

This garden roller from BON has a length of 24 inches and a diameter of 18 inches. These dimensions would work well for a moderately sized lawn; the structure is compact enough to make tight turns. This model is a push roller, designed to be used manually with the basic U-shaped handle. A horizontal bar is positioned close to the drum in order to prevent the buildup of dirt and mud. This roller would not be a good choice if your lawn is very large, as rolling an expansive surface area by hand is physically exhausting.

This BON roller is constructed entirely of welded steel for exceptional durability and reliability. It weighs just over 40 pounds empty, making it quite easy to carry and store. You can add weight prior to rolling with water or sand through the filler plug, which is located on the side of the barrel.

The 84-203 roller from BON is not the most affordable option on this list, but compared to all other products of its kind, it is a good value. This roller has earned a stellar customer rating of 5 out of 5 stars on If you have an affinity for vintage tools, greatly value simplicity in a product, or are just looking for something a little different, the Bon 84-203 could be your perfect match.

Lawn Roller Buying Guide

When you purchase a garden roller, you are also making a significant monetary investment in your lawn. So, it’s important to make sure that the roller you select is the right choice to serve your individual needs. This section will lay out the elements to look for in a roller as well as provide some helpful tips to remember when you put the roller to use.

Rollers come in a range of sizes and weights. Take notice of the length of a roller--this measurement tells you how wide the path that your roller takes will be. For large lawns, it is ideal for the roller to be as wide as possible, as it will make the process much more efficient. For smaller lawns, or lawns with tight corners, a compact roller will be a better fit.

The two most common materials for a roller are steel and polyethylene. Both options offer unique benefits. Steel is desirable because it is heavy and durable. The additional weight from steel will put added pressure on your lawn and flatten it effectively. Steel is also a very strong material that will withstand intensive use, although you should note that steel rollers may develop rust after exposure to water. Polyethylene is a form of extremely sturdy plastic that is usually more affordable and lightweight than steel. This variety of garden roller will be easy to move and store because you can empty out the contents used to weigh it down. Plus, polyethylene is virtually impervious to rust and can therefore be exposed to moisture without being compromised.

If the lawn roller you purchase has a hollow drum, it will need to be filled with a substance in order to weigh it down. Water and sand are both popular options, but water is the most common and widely regarded as the most effective. Many rollers include a hole which fits a regular garden hose to make filling the drum fast and simple. This is much easier than filling the drum with sand, not to mention less messy. When it comes time to store the roller, draining water is also simpler than draining sand. Never forget to drain the water from your roller before putting it into long term storage, as doing so could cause rust or deterioration of the material.

Check out this great video to learn how a garden roller can be used after the sodding process:​

The Different Types Of Lawn Roller

You have many options when it comes to lawn rollers--between size, weight, and material, these tools can vary greatly from one product to the next. The main distinction that divides the currently available rollers is whether is it used manually or attached to a motorized device, such as an ATV, lawnmower, or tractor. Rollers that are used manually are called push rollers, and those that are attached to a vehicle are called tow behind rollers. This section will introduce you to both types so that you can choose the best one for you. It is also important to note that some rollers currently available have the capacity to be used as either a push or tow behind; these options are often called combination rollers.

Push Rollers

Push lawn rollers are the most popular type of product for everyday homeowners because they offer affordability and simplistic functionality. Constructed of either steel, plastic, or polyethylene, an extremely durable synthetic material that is used in a wide assortment of consumer goods, manual rollers make the process of rolling your lawn more physically demanding. However a pull behind roller is also much easier to maneuver around small or moderately sized lawns, as well as lawns that are not shaped as perfect rectangles.

Called poly rollers, the roller options that are made of polyethylene are hollow and designed to be filled with a substance to weigh it down, typically water or sand. This type of product has several benefits. Firstly, the weight is alterable, as you decide how much water or sand to fill it with. Since rolling your lawn after seeding requires less weight than rolling your lawn before seeding, to name one example, this feature will definitely come in handy. Also, poly garden rollers can be emptied after use, which will make the tool much easier to transport and put into storage.

Tow Behind Rollers

People with lawns that cover an expansive surface area may opt for a tow behind roller. It’s not always practical to roll a large lawn by hand, as doing so would take a great deal of physical strength and effort, not to mention a long period of time. So, some garden rollers are built to attach to a either a lawn mower, tractor, or ATV. When the vehicle is driven across your lawn, the roller will do its job without putting any strain on your body. This type of roller also tends to be heavier, since a vehicle can accommodate a higher amount of weight.

Tow behind rollers can be made of any of the same materials as pull rollers, except some attachment options are constructed of concrete. As you can probably imagine, concrete rollers are extremely heavy and generally impractical, so it is rare to find one of these products on the market today.​

Lawn Roller Wrap Up

Maintaining a beautiful lawn entails more care and effort than you may think. Between the process of seeding a lawn, eliminating surface lumps and handling unforeseen problems such as mole tunnels, you will find that a garden roller will be put to use time and time again. This wonderful tool will, as you have learned from this article, spare you from spending hundreds, possibly thousands, of dollars on costly landscaping services. For lawns both large and small there are several different roller options available. While these products vary in size, material, and design, they will all effectively smooth out your lawn for a polished, healthy look. Plus, all of the products mentioned in this article are selling for under $300-- some have a price tag of less than $150. So what are you waiting for? Pick out the best lawn roller for you and watch as your lawn is taken to the next level.

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