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There’s nothing better than a pool party in summer. If you’re like most of us, you probably don’t have an in ground pool. But almost anyone can have an above ground pool. If you have an above ground pool, then you’ll need to get lights for it. Without lights, it can be unsafe and scary to swim after the sun goes down. Even with long summer days, that’s just too much time for the pool to be out of commission every day!

Here I will break down what to look for when buying lights for your above ground pool. I will also review some of the most popular lights out there. Above ground pools have only become affordable in the last few years, so the market for accessories is not yet flooded. There are loads of lights for in-ground pools, but the number of above ground pool lights for underwater use is limited. While this may seem constricting, it actually means that there is not a lot of junk out there. Most of the above ground pool lights you will buy today will be pretty good quality.

Best Above Ground Pool Lights 2018

1. Intex LED Pool Wall Light - Best Above Ground Pool Light 2018

The Intex LED Wall Light is a truly beautiful specimen. It attaches to the pool wall, and the installation is incredibly simple. There are two pieces that grip through the walls. The light is lowered to the desired positon, and the other piece is lined up on the outside of the pool. The outside piece plugs in powers the light through the pool wall, eliminating the need for batteries or charging. The light does not grip through metal walls. As such, it can only be used on soft-sided pools, not metal-sided ones.

There are a bunch of other little extra features that make this light extra special. If anything should happen to the light that would cause it to become detached from its base, it has built-in flotation. You don’t have to worry about fishing for it on the bottom of the pool in the dark if the kids knock it off the wall. It also uses a low amount of electricity, so you won’t notice it on your electricity bill, even if you use it every night. The light is super bright and comes with a 23-foot cord for convenience.

Intex LED Pool Light Full Review

This popular waterproof light is not explicitly meant for pool use. It is waterproof and floats, so it is handy for the pool, but it’s actually made to be a light up seat. This allows you to get year-round use out of this versatile item! The cube is 16” on each side, and has 16 different colors that rotate on 4 different settings.

The seat is seamless for a sleek look. It is operated by an included remote control. It also is powerful enough to sustain the heat in a hot tub, so it can even be floated around in your spa!

The Main Access Light Seat is battery-powered and comes with a charger, leaving your seat free to move as you will. It runs for about 8 hours on a single-charge, which is long enough for all-night fun! The unit itself can be a bit bulky as far as pool lights go, but its versatility makes it worth it. The different lights and settings makes this a bit more of a novelty item than primary light source for your pool. However, it is a fun light to zest up your typical pool party.

If the light malfunctions in any way, you have nothing to worry about. The manufacturers have strong customer service, and are prompt in answering requests. They stand by their product, so you don’t end up regretting your purchase.

Main Floating LED Full Review

The Terra Friendly Floating Lights are another multi-functional light source. They are completely waterproof and float well, so they make great pool lights, but they also are lightweight and portable. This makes them perfect for hiking, camping, or any outdoor activity. The fact that they are solar powered bakes them extra useful for outdoor use. They charge during the day and light up all night, without any need for batteries or electricity.

The Terra Friendly floating lights look like little floating lanterns. They are very bright, and will light up the area above the water, as well. They fill a 15-square inch area with light. A few of them will light your whole backyard!

They function easily, with a simple power button. A battery indicator makes sure you’re never guessing about how much charge you have left.

The Terra Friendly lights are inflatable. This allows them to collapse down to a smaller size if you pack them up at the end of the season. It also allows you to use them other places. If you go backpacking, it’ll be hard to find a more lightweight, portable light.

The best part is the lights are backed up by a warranty. There’s a 30-day no questions asked money-back guarantee, and a one year limited warranty from the manufacturer.

The Intex Floating LED pool light is a fun addition to any nighttime pool party. It bobs along with you at the pool’s surface, and provides enough light for any pool up to 18-feet deep. It has three different light settings. You can use the basic white floodlight, a three-color changer, or a combination of the two. The functioning is easy. You can switch between the lighting modes with a simple touch of a button.

This Intex light is battery powered. You need four AAA batteries for 24 hours of light. To help you save on batteries, it has a two-hour automatic shut-off. No more worrying about leaving the light on and waking up to a dead light!

The floodlight works great for providing lighting to the pool. The three-color changer is a bit more of a novelty. It will provide light, but it is quite a bit dimmer than the basic white light. The option with the floodlight and three-color changer together is a nice compromise. It floods the pool with the light, but also provides the fun of the three-color changer.

As with other floating lights, it tends to move around the pool, providing inconsistent light. Depending on the size of the pool, a second light might be a nice way to ensure your whole pool is lit at all times.

Intex Floating LED Pool Light Full Review

Of all the lights available, the AquaLuminator is the truly permanent solution! Pentair has built its legendary light to outlast most aboveground pools. It attaches easily to the existing water return on most any pool on the market today, and many older models, as well. The light aims down into the pools to light the water from a stable wall position.

The AquaLuminator is built to illuminate a small or medium pool. It plugs into any standard outlet with its 25-foot cord. It shines a bright white light, but you can also install either a blue or green included color filter for a fun vibe.

The AquaLuminator also functions as a water return. It clips onto the existing water return without a need for poking holes that could violate your pool’s warranty or damage it in some way. It can easily be removed at the end of the season. You can also purchase a fountain addition that would turn this light into a fountain for extra ambience!

AquaLuminator Full Review

Above Ground Pool Lights Buying Guide

Buying a light for your above ground pool may seem basic, but if you want a quality product, you really need to put some thought into it. While some people will simply rely on external lamps or backyard lighting to illuminate their pool, there are way better above ground pool lights for underwater use that can light your actual pool, and not just the yard around the pool.

One thing you should take into account when you buy a light is its power source. If you have a light that needs to be plugged in, it can be a safety hazard to have cords all over the place, or you may not have a plug near enough to the pool. On the other hand, batteries are not a walk in the park. You will have to charge them every few days, and that’s if you’re lucky. If the batteries are not rechargeable, they will have to be replaced once or twice a week, and that can get expensive.

Another feature to take into account is how the light connects to the pool. Floating lights are nice because they can be used in any pool, can be moved around, and are very easy to install and remove. However, they float around, providing uneven illumination to the pool. Lights that connect to the wall tend to be a bit more reliable, but they are not always high quality. They can easily be knocked off the wall by rowdy pool games. They are also sometimes not strong enough to light the whole pool from one side to another.

Probably the most important aspect to consider when buying an above ground pool light is the brightness of the light. It needs to be bright enough to light the entire pool. If your pool is small, that shouldn’t be a problem, but larger pools may need something extra strong, or even a second light. Colored lights are fun and stylish, but they do not always provide a bright light. If brightness is your primary concern, you should definitely get a bright white light. However, if you don’t have children, and want some fun party lights for ambiance rather than safety, there are fun color light shows that can work just as well for you.

Different Types Of Lights

While lights for in-ground pools simply get installed straight into the wall or floor of the pool, lights for above ground pools are a little less permanent. Manufacturers have had to be creative to make a light that is study enough to last, but flexible enough to be removed when the pool gets packed away. They have come up with two main solutions.

Floating Lights

Many lights are made to float around the pool. These are nice because you can move them around. You are in control of where you want the light. They are also very easy to install and can be removed when not in use. Floating lights are simple to service and access. They are also useful because they provide light to more than just the water. If the light is floating on the surface, it can shine light to more than just the water. It will be more effective at lighting the surrounding area. Swimmers will be able to better see each other above the water, as well as below.

The floating lights are not without their disadvantages. With them floating, they can be really inconvenient. They get splashed around, are constantly moving, and unfocused. The more motion there is in the pool, the more unreliable the light will be. It will get flipped over, capsized, and generally pushed around, and this can affect its ability to thoroughly light a pool.

Wall Lights

The other popular solution is to have lights that rest on the side of the pool under the water. This set-up allows the lights to be plugged in (not needing batteries) and also keeps the light steady. No matter how rowdy the pool gets, the lights will remain in place, illuminating the pool in the same consistent manner.

There are also a clear set of issues with wall lights. They can be difficult to install and remove. You would likely just install it and leave it in place until you decide to take down the pool. Although the different companies have come up with several different ways to connect the light to the wall, they all require a bit more installation than the floating light. With the light in a stable location, there’s also the risk that one light won’t be sufficient to light the pool. With a large pool, you may need to buy a second or even a third light, which can become expensive.

Different Brands Of Above Ground Pool Lights

Although lights for above ground pools are not yet being widely constructed, there are a few stand out companies that are constructing some great quality lights.


Intex is one of the leading brands in above ground pools, so it only makes sense that they would also construct accessories for pools, such as lights. They make dozens of different pools in lots of different styles. Every one of their pools and pool accessories are top quality and high-functioning. If you buy from Intex, you know that your purchase will last for years to come.

Intex’s products are also affordably priced. Their prices are comparable with lesser products. They have two main lights, one that attaches to the side of a soft-walled pool, and another that floats around, for metal-walled pools. Both lights are bright and durable. They also have replacement parts and bulbs available on their website, so you won’t have to replace the whole light with every tiny malfunction.


Smartpool is another reputable brand. They sell all sorts of pool accessories for both above-ground and in-ground pools. The New Jersey-based company has dealers throughout the country and Canada. Their products are sold and adored worldwide.

The majority of their products and lights are intended for in-ground pools, but they do have a few models of lights for above ground pools. The Nite Lighter is their above ground pool light. It is sold in white or in a colorful option. The light is a little on the pricey end, but it is high quality. One light should singlehandedly light your entire pool, and it should be sturdy enough to last for many years. The investment is well worth it!


There are a limited number of underwater above ground pool lights on the market today. There are some that attach to the sides of the pool, and some that float around. They can be battery powered or plugged in. Some are only white, and some can create fun light shows along the bottom and sides of your pool.

Intex and Smartpool make great lights for above ground pools. Lights should be able to install and take down easily, as above ground pools are rarely permanent fixtures at homes. Their accessories need to be just as easily stored at the end of the summer.

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