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The fun of being at the pool is not just for kids--adults also enjoy being in the water with friends and family, especially during the hot summer months. Thus going to the pool is a popular leisure activity for adults; the pool is a place to escape from the stresses of day-to-day life, whether alone or with a group. You likely have fond memories of being at the pool as a child, bringing along an assortment of toys and floats to make the experience even more enjoyable. While it is true that most pool toys are geared toward children, there are cool floats for adults and other types of toys that older individuals can appreciate while swimming. If you are headed to the pool to relax, take a look at the many inflatable couches, floats, and loungers on the market. With these pool accessories you can bask in the sun and enjoy the crystal blue water without the exertion of swimming. If you are looking to have a great time with friends at the pool, the many pool toys for adults available are sure to spark your interest.

From volleyball to beer pong, there are many products which will make your trip to the pool the ultimate social gathering. Pool floats and toys for adults come at all different prices. So no matter if your budget can accommodate $100 or only $10, there are great products out there for you. This article will tell you everything you need to know before purchasing the perfect pool accessory, complete with brand overviews, reviews of the best products, general tips for use, and more. Read on so that you can take your upcoming trip to the pool to the next level.

Best Pool Toys for Adults 2019

While there is a sweeping selection of pool toys available on the market today, the number of products geared toward adults is significantly fewer than what is made for children. Nonetheless, we have rounded up some of the best adult pool toys currently for sale. These fantastic products are sure to make your trip to the pool one to remember.

1. Pink Flamingo Pool Float & Tube - Best Pool Toy for Adults 2019

Exceeding all sales projections and receiving an unprecedented level of customer approval, the Pink Flamingo Pool Float & Tube from Teddy Shake has recently become one of the most popular and talked-about products in the recreational pool product industry. This float combines top-quality materials, cutting-edge design and a charming exterior to be both functional and entertaining. In the adorable shape of a flamingo, this float will be the talk of the pool. Plus, the light pink color will keep you cool in the hot summer sun.

Shaped as a pink flamingo, this float is sure to amuse swimmers of all ages. Plus, measuring in at a whopping 80” in length, a full grown adult can lounge on this float without touching the water at all. Some disappointing pool floats will sink or tip; Teddy Shake was determined to create a float that would be as comfortable as possible for everyone, and they certainly delivered. The Pink Flamingo Pool Float will keep you relaxed and happy above the water, with the peace of mind in knowing it will not sink.

This float by Teddy Shake was engineered with the best quality vinyl you will find in a pool float. Designed for both comfort and durability, the pink vinyl is soft to the touch and will not develop holes. So, you can feel confident that this float will stay in top condition for many summers to come. Despite the thickness and sturdiness of the vinyl, however, the float is lightweight, making it easy to carry with you on the walk to the pool. Also, with this pink flamingo float, you can have fun for hours in the pool without having to worry about blowing it back up. The super vinyl material stays inflated for days, saving both your breath and your time. If you have your own personal swimming pool, just keep it in the water when you leave the pool--it will be right there waiting for you in the same condition when you come back. Even in different settings like beaches, rivers, or lakes, this product will stay afloat thanks to the first-rate vinyl.

This float has earned its stellar reputation. Customers rave about its enormous size, which allows multiple people to enjoy it at once, as well as its durability and capability to stay inflated. Adults and kids alike can’t wait to hop onto this fantastic float, making it a great gift idea for pool lovers. Considering its size and excellent quality, which ensures that you will be able to enjoy it for years to come, this price tag is highly reasonable. The Pink Flamingo Pool Float & Tube from Teddy Shake is undoubtedly the leader of the pack amongst pool floats available today.

For times when you’re having an adults-only pool party, a beer pong table float is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. The H2PONG Inflatable Beer Pong Table Float, manufactured by the toy and game company Play Platoon, is one of the best options available for water beer pong. The six foot long (14 x 10 x 3.8 inch) rectangular float truly has the feel of an everyday table. With its large size, the H2PONG Beer Pong Table Float will be the centerpiece of your party, with plenty of room for people to gather around and cheer each other on. Despite its great length, however, it weighs only four pounds, making transport to and from the pool a breeze. This float even has cup holders, eight in total, conveniently located on both sides of the float so that spectators can enjoy a drink as they watch the game. These cup holders also allow for people to switch from watching the game to playing it seamlessly, keeping the party going for hours.

The H2PONG Inflatable Beer Pong Table Float is fully equipped for an epic game of beer pong. The float includes two racks, each rack holding ten cups. This product also comes complete with five pong balls so you can get started on a game right when you open the package. One of the best parts of playing beer pong in the pool is that ball retrieval is much easier than on land--the balls float on the surface of the water, so just swim on over and pick them up. No more reaching under furniture or crawling on the floor to find pong balls that go astray; in the pool, you get to spend more time having fun with your friends.

This inflatable table from H2PONG has been manufactured from thick, high quality vinyl for an extra long lifespan. The durable material withstands tears and scratches, so you’ll be able to use the float for many, many pool parties to come. Also, the float is quick and easy to inflate, so you can spend less time getting ready and more time having fun. When the party’s over, deflation is simple for compact storage. This inflatable beer pong table is sturdy enough to support the weight of an adult. So it can also double as a relaxing pool raft for times when you want to unwind on your own.

Customers rave about this product’s excellent design, particularly the convenient cup holders for additional drinks. It is clear that many customers are highly satisfied with this adult pool game. This full-size beer pong table float is a fantastic value. The next time you hit the pool for a grown-up pool party, bring along this H2PONG float--you and your friends are sure to have a great time.​

For athletic types or those looking to get some physical activity at the pool, the Water Sports Cross Volleyball Swimming Pool Game is an awesome product to take a look at. Volleyball is a sport that gets you moving and can be a lot of fun to play with your friends. Playing volleyball in the pool will keep you cool during the summer months and reduces impact on your joints. There are plenty of volleyball pool games currently available for sale, but this option from Swim Central, a supplier of a wide assortment of pool products, stands apart from the rest for its sturdy design, quick assembly, and affordable price.

Setting up a game of volleyball at the swimming pool can pose some problems. The main issue that you may run into with other products is that the net will not stay in place due to weak anchorage on either side. The Water Sports Cross Volleyball Swimming Pool Game features weighted net supports designed to firmly keep the net in place. As a result, you get to spend more time playing the game and less time adjusting the net. Also, the weighted supports ensure that you can set up the game at nearly any pool, as there are no clamps or hooks needed to secure to the pool walls.

This fantastic pool game is constructed from high quality nylon netting measuring 20 feet in length. Built to last, this netting will withstand hours of intensive use. The product comes with everything you need to start playing pool volleyball right away; an official size ball is included with purchase.

It is important to note that some assembly is required for this game unlike the other options on this list. However, when compared to similar volleyball products, the setup is quite simple, and the net does not have to be directly attached to the pool. Also, this product weighs only five pounds, so assembly, as well as transport to and from the pool, won’t be physically strenuous.

The Water Sports Cross Volleyball Swimming Pool Game is the leading product of its kind. People of all ages will enjoy playing volleyball in the pool with this well-made and conveniently designed product. At parties you can put together large teams for a competitive tournament, or you can enjoy the game with just one other person for a fun, low-key pastime. This volleyball pool game is selling for an incredible value in comparison to similar products on the market, and especially considering its superior design. Have a great time and improve your athletic skills this summer with the Water Sports Cross Volleyball Swimming Pool Game.​

The SwimWays Kelsyus Floating Hammock is a top-rated well-rounded option for those seeking an adult swim float. The Kelsyus Floating Hammock has earned this impressive rating with its excellent construction, innovative features, and affordable price.

Made from blue polyester that is both lightweight and durable, this float is built for complete comfort. The fabric is soft and breathable to keep you cool even in the hot summer sun, and a built-in headrest is sure to put you at ease. Plus, the mesh bed keeps you suspended just slightly below the water’s surface, so you get the refreshing feeling of being underwater without having to exert any effort. Made from PVC and steel, a patented inner spring is sewn into the float’s perimeter. This ingenious system provides additional stability in the water without compromising comfort.

The Kelsyus Floating Hammock can easily support the height and weight of an adult, or approximately 250 pounds. Despite this high weight capacity, the float itself weighs under three pounds, making it easy to carry with you. Also, the float is foldable, so you can bring it along in your pool bag and store it flat on a shelf.

While this pool float can be a great way to take some relaxing time for yourself, it can also be used to spend time with friends. Convenient built-in side clips allow the float to connect to other Kelsyus floats, so you can sit back and enjoy the pool with a friend or family member. The clips can also be used for tethering the float to a dock or boat, ensuring it won’t drift away while not in use.

This floating pool hammock is one of the least expensive full-size adult floats on the market. The fact that it comes from a trusted name in the industry makes the affordable price even more impressive. Customers of the Kelsyus Floating Hammock especially love that it is easy to pack, lightweight, and highly comfortable. One downside to consider is that multiple reviews mention the need to drain water from the float after each use. Also, keep in mind that you will be just below the water level with this float, so if you want to stay completely dry, it is not the right choice for you. However, for those seeking a top-rated, affordable adult pool float, this option from Kelsyus should certainly be a contender.​

The Canopy Island Inflatable Lounge from Intex is likely the most luxurious pool float on this list of cool floats for adults. This massive float is the perfect way to achieve complete relaxation at the pool, with a 78” x 59” bed and detachable fabric sun shade. The extra-large surface offers all the room you need to stretch out or accommodate multiple people. So bring along a couple of friends to the pool and enjoy a day of total leisure. The sun shade offers relief from the sun’s harmful rays on brutally hot summer days, but is also detachable if you are looking to get a tan.

The Canopy Island Inflatable Lounge has been designed to bring you the most comfort and convenience possible. A built-in backrest lines the outer edge of one half of the island, creating a lovely couch-like feel. Additionally, there are two built-in cup holders so that you and a friend can enjoy drinks without worrying about spills and other accidents. These thoughtful features are what set the Canopy Island Inflatable Lounge apart from the many average pool floats currently for sale.

This fantastic adult pool float has been crafted with two air chambers for an elevated level of safety and stability. The bottom of the float is highly durable, made from a 2-ply laminated material. Additionally, a repair patch is included with purchase of this float, ensuring that it will last for years to come. Keep in mind that this float, due to its very large size, will take more time to inflate and deflate than some other options available. However, if spaciousness is a priority for you, the additional effort will be worth it. If you plan to use this float at a swimming pool rather than at a lake or beach, consider the size of your pool and whether it can fit a float of this size. The magnitude of this product means that it weighs significantly more than your average float--know that during transport and storage, you will have to accommodate roughly 20 pounds. Also, know that this float should stay inflated throughout the initial stretch period.

Customers love that the float is large enough for multiple people, that it is constructed of high quality materials, and that it includes a canopy. The Intex Canopy Island Inflatable Lounge is undoubtedly a high-end float. While there are less expensive adult pool float options available, the level of comfort and relaxation provided with this float justify the price. If it fits within your budget, this inflatable pool lounge from Intex could make the pool your new favorite spot to unwind.​

Additional Products

If the above five products aren’t the right fit for you, take a look at these other great options.

Pool Toys Buying Guide

Considering the varying benefits that different pool toys for adults have to offer, it can be difficult to narrow down your options. This section will provide an overview of factors to take into account before you select a product for purchase.

Your budget will be a major aspect of your choice of pool product. While some people are willing to spend upwards of $100 on a top-quality pool float, others make affordability a major priority. Know how much money you are able to spend before you start looking at products so that you can stick to your budget. You may be surprised at the high price of some pool games and floats. Luckily, there are many products that come at affordable prices while also offering advanced, attractive features.

Another aspect to consider in your search for a recreational pool product is the number of people you hope to enjoy the product with. If you are looking for a pool game, it may be wise to think about the number of players you hope to include. While games like beer pong are only built for two players, team games like volleyball can bring together large groups of people. If a pool float is what you are after, you will need to decide between products for personal use and those that accommodate multiple people. Obviously, floats for more than one person are larger and typically more expensive.

While the focus of this article is on products for adults, some parents may appreciate a float or game that they can enjoy with their children on occasion. Some games, like beer pong, are clearly inappropriate for young swimmers. But many others could easily appeal to children and be a great opportunity for parents to bond with their kids.

It is important to note that some swimming pools offer limited space. Many people enjoy public pools that are often crowded and require swimmers to share the water, while others use private pools that are simply small to begin with. Consider the size of the pool you will most often bring your game or float to and make sure that you will be able to use the product you pick comfortably.

Most pool floats and several pool games are inflatable. With these products, a mode of inflation is essential. Some products can be blown up quite simply with either your lungs or an everyday blow dryer. Larger products will require the use of an electric pump. A major benefit of inflatable products is that, once deflated, they can be flattened and stored in compact spaces.

Check out this amusing video for a quick look at some of the toys and funny pool floats for adults that are being enjoyed around the world today:​

The Different Types Of Pool Toys

Pool toys for adults come in all different shapes and sizes, each with its own way of providing entertainment or relaxation at the pool. Adult pool toys can be broken into two main categories: floats and games. Depending on what you like to do at the pool, you many find that one type of product suits your needs the best, or you may decide to purchase one of each to use for different occasions.


Pool floats are excellent for suntanning, relaxing with friends, and taking some quiet time for yourself. These products come in all different forms, from lounge chair designs to rafts to all varieties of fun shapes. Nowadays you can get pool floats shaped as animals and even food. Cool floats for adults are generally very large, allowing you to stretch out and be completely at ease. Also, typically constructed from strong vinyl, many adult floats can support high amounts of weight; some are even built to carry multiple people at once.

Pool floats are generally inflatable and quite simple to maintain. Some floats sold on the market today can be inflated with just a basic hair dryer, eliminating the need to own an air pump. Once deflated, many floats can be completely flattened for compact storage.

While floats are a great way to relax, they can also be fun additions to any pool party, providing a way to be in the pool without getting completely wet. You and your friends are sure to have a blast with your pick from the vast assortment of funny pool floats for adults currently available.


For when you’re looking to have fun with friends and family at the pool, a top-notch game is the way to go. Whether it be volleyball, basketball, or even beer pong, there is a wide selection of entertaining products available that are built for the pool. Many pool games involve an inflatable apparatus that is both simple to set up and store. You can find adult pool games appropriate for any number of players so that everyone can join in on the fun--perfect for large pool parties and family gatherings.

It is true that pool games generally tend to be more expensive than floats, as games typically require more materials. However, that doesn’t mean that pool games for adults can’t fit into different budgets. You can easily find a top-quality pool game for under $30.

In addition to being a great way to have fun, playing pool games can be an excellent way to exercise. Many games, like volleyball and basketball, will get you moving in a way that is highly enjoyable without the impact on your joints that running on the ground causes. What more reason do you need to go play a game at the pool?

The Different Brands Of Pool Toys

The adult pool toys industry is not an exceptionally big one. As a result, there are fewer large, established brands creating the leading products. This section will detail the short list of excellent companies currently manufacturing the top pool toys for adults. By learning more about each brand, you can get a better idea of who to purchase a pool toy from.


Founded in 1966, Intex Recreation Corporation has over half a decade of experience distributing a wide range of products, mainly above-ground pools, spas, boats, furniture, and toys/pool accessories. Intex also offers a large assortment of pool toys for adults, as well as several top-of-the-line floats. Based out of Long Beach, California, this company strives to deliver affordability and durability with each of their products, making pool and spa recreation accessible for everyone. Sold in over 100 countries across the world, Intex is truly a global company, maintaining a stellar reputation with consumers everywhere.

Intex makes its customers’ safety and satisfaction their highest priority; products are put through extensive tests to meet the brand’s demanding expectations, both in quality and cost-effectiveness. This company is also committed to exceptional customer service. They offer replies to any question or concern within 48 hours of submission to ensure that you receive any help you may require with their products in a timely manner.

In addition to producing safe, high quality products at a great price, Intex has pledged to reduce their carbon footprint. For the past decade, the brand has joined with their suppliers to decrease the level of fossil fuels utilized during the manufacturing of their products. So, you can feel good about supporting this eco-friendly, ethical company.


The brand Kelsyus provides first-rate outdoor gear and accessories to consumers in the U.S. and Canada. As one of the three brands operated by Swimways Corporation, Kelsyus is backed by a trusted reputation and the superb customer service that a large establishment can provide. Along with their fantastic pool floats, which offer unique features like cup holders, side clips and coolers, Kelsyus sells outdoor chairs, backyard games, and other products to make your next outdoor adventure a blast. This brand prides itself on attention to detail, including stylish colors, breathable fabrics and UV protective canopy shades to bring you the best possible experience.

Kelsyus is committed to innovation in their business, releasing multiple new products each year. Each design delivers on efficiency and quality, bringing you an excellent value for your money. The pool floats offered by Kelsyus are built to provide you with the highest level of convenience so that you can cool down in the water in complete comfort.

Teddy Shake

What the brand Teddy Shake lacks in years of establishment it makes up for in outstanding customer reviews. This small, young company is based out of Miami, Florida. Their 80-inch pink flamingo float has taken the pool float industry by storm with numerous news outlets reporting on the product’s incredible popularity in early 2017. With these projection-breaking sales and boundless customer approval, Teddy Shake plans to release a website leading into the summer of 2019. Unsurprisingly, this brand’s bestselling flamingo float has made it to the top of our product list. Customers rave about its quality, durability, and excellent design. If these reviews are any indication, Teddy Shake’s future looks very bright.

Due to the newness of Teddy Shake’s success, information on this company is difficult to come by. The company’s mission statement stresses their intention to put out fun, unique pool floats and toys so that you can have a great time with friends and family. Teddy Shake may not have the most experience as a brand, but the fantastic response that their product has earned in a few short months cannot be overlooked.

Pool Toys Wrap Up

A trip to the pool can be relaxing, entertaining, and fun for people in all different stages of life. As you have learned from this article, there is an exceptional selection of fantastic pool games and floats geared toward adults available for sale today. Made with innovative features, brights colors, and durable materials, the aforementioned products are sure to delight at your next swimming pool gathering. What’s more, recreational pool products can be found at incredibly affordable prices, so you can have loads of fun without breaking the bank. Your next venture to the swimming pool doesn’t have to be predictable and dull; add some variety and excitement to your trip with one of the funny pool floats for adults currently available on the market. With the assortment of great adult pool toys and floats to choose from, there’s no reason to stay inside. Whatever your age may be, go out and enjoy the pool with a fun game or float in tow--you may even feel like a kid again.

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