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If you’re an avid swimmer, you need goggles to swim in comfort and style. Those of us who only swim at pool parties and on occasional trips to the beach can certainly do without those goofy-looking things, but if you swim regularly, goggles will greatly improve your swimming. Without the best swim goggles, you’re likely to plow straight into the wall, another swimmer, or drift out to ocean! Goggles are simply a matter of your own safety while swimming, and they’ll protect your eyes from the harsh salt and chlorine present in ocean or pool water. They’re also ideal for wearers of contact lenses.

Goggles all have the same basic design: plastic lenses, squishy cups that should seal around the eyes, and a stretchy strap that reaches around the head. But there are some basic differences that can greatly affect your experience with goggles. Many differences between goggles, such as lens shape and materials used will benefit most users. However, there are basic differences in everyone’s head size, face shape, and eye socket location that can make the best swimming goggles feel uncomfortable and even painful depending on the person. Unfortunately, there are rare cases when a certain set of goggles simply doesn’t fit on a person’s head comfortably, and it’s not a fault of the manufacturer, just incompatibility.

The guide will provide you with all you need to know to buy yourself the best goggles. The goggles on this list fit most people comfortably and are of great quality.​

Best Swimming Goggles 2018

1. Aegend Clear Swimming Goggles - Best Swimming Goggles 2018

These ultra-popular goggles are some of the best for indoor swimming. Their lenses are anti-fog and UV protective. They come in a pleasant blue color with clear lenses. They are very popular because indoor swimming is popular, and with these clear lenses you’ll be able to see better in low-light and murky conditions than with mirrored lenses.

The Aegend Clear Swimming Goggles come with a nifty hard carrying case. It protects the goggles so you can throw them in a gym bag or into your locker without having to worry about the lenses getting scratched up or the silicone wearing away.

A great touch on the Aegend goggles is the buckle in the back. Many goggles just slide on and off, with adjustments on the outer edges of the lenses for the head strap length. This means you have to slide the back band over the head and hair. When you do this, the strap can get caught in the hair, causing breakage and painful pulling. The chemicals and impurities in the water are bad enough for our hair as it is, so avoiding any further damage is important for those of us who are protective of our hair. It is also great to avoid the pain of pulling at the hair when putting the goggles on and taking them off. The clasp at the back of the Aegend goggles greatly reduces the need for the band to slide over the hair, making it catch on the hair a lot less, which means more comfort and healthier hair.

The only downside of these Aegend goggles is that the nose piece isn’t adjustable. It is made of soft, pliable silicone, so it is much more comfortable than a nosepiece make of hard plastic, but if you know you have a wide nose or a high bridge because lenses don’t usually fit you well, you should avoid these.

Aegend claims that the fit will prevent circles around the eyes, but you should take that with a grain of salt. They do a great job of reducing circles, but if you’re swimming for two hours at a time, you’re going to get circles no matter how comfortable your goggles are.

These Compressions goggles look just about as cool as goggles can look! They bend slightly at the outside for smooth edges, and the mirrored finish adds to the coolness factor. The black silicone and accents make the silvery mirrored lenses pop.

Aside from looking great, the Compression Brand Adult Swim Goggles also work very well. They have all the basics: UV-protection, anti-fog coating and anti-shatter lenses. Most lenses today are built from sturdy plastic that doesn’t buckle under the strong pressure from swimming deep under the water, but it’s nice to know that these are okay for deep diving. They come with a hard case for protecting your investment when they’re not on your face.

Many people like using these goggles for indoor use, and say they are not too dark with the mirrored finish. However, some people prefer to use clear lenses indoors for maximum visibility. Just know that if you have had issues with goggles making your indoor pool too dark that these are likely to do that. But if you have swum indoors with mirrored lenses before, these shouldn’t bother you.

The Compression goggles are especially praised for their comfortably-fitting gaskets. They use silicone like most companies, but somehow shape it to make them softer and more comfortable on the face. The downsides of the fit are the lack of a clasp in the back, and that the nosepiece isn’t adjustable. Without a clasp in the back of the goggles, you must stretch the strap over the back of your head and hair, increasing the chances of it pulling on your hair. This is a complete non-issue if you swim with a swim cap, though.

The non-adjustable nosepiece is much less of an issue for the Compressions goggles than for other goggles because the company is such a delight to work with. They truly believe these are the best goggles for swimming. They even guarantee you will like the goggles, and if you don’t for any reason, you have a full year to return them for a full refund, no questions asked. So it’s much less of a gamble to buy these on the off-chance they don’t fit your face because you know you can get your money back if they aren’t comfortable.

Speedo is a well-known brand. They are trendy, and they know it. With these lenses they definitely went all-in for a sleek look. The mirrored finish is one of the darkest available, even too dark for many people. They will definitely protect your vision in bright areas, but can be a safety hazard in dimly-lit spots. They come in ten different two-tone styles, so you can get a pair to match each swimsuit, if you want.

The Speedo Vanquisher utilizes a lightweight design with very thin gaskets, straps and nosepiece for a look that is very similar to Swedish goggles. It comes with four adjustable nosepieces for your own custom fit. The nosepieces are not pliable, however, so they can snap quicker and apply more pressure to the bridge of the nose than stretchy silicone nosepieces.

The fit of the headstrap is comfortable, with an adjustable piece in the back. It is not a detachable clip, but adjusting in the back of the head is much more comfortable and functional that adjusting the head strap at the outside of the lenses. The thin double strap allows for one strap to loop around the upper part of the head, while the lower half loops around the bottom of the head. This allows the pressure of the goggles to be more evenly distributed over the back of the head for more comfort and a better seal around the gaskets.

These goggles have UV-protection and have especially great anti-fog protection. The anti-fog tends to work better than other goggles, which is important with the extra-dark mirroring. They do not come with a hard case; you should be careful with transporting them or put them in a hard case of your own.

The shaping of the lenses not only looks very sleek, but also helps increase peripheral vision. This can do wonders to prevent running into walls or other swimmers. With the dark mirroring and the curved lenses, these may be the best goggles for swimming in open water.

4. I SWIM PRO Swimming Goggles

The design is sleek; they have the slanted wide lenses for increased visibility in the peripherals. Their mirror finish gleams and also deflects bad glare and bright lights, making these goggles great for outdoor and open water swimming.

These goggles have the added touch of a clasp in the back of the strap. The clasp allows you to put on and remove the goggles with minimal tugging on hair, reducing pain and breakage. They also throw in a nose clip and a set of earplugs for good measure. You will also get a hard case with a firm closure to protect your investment.

As is standard, the lenses are UV protected and coated with an anti-fog technology. As will all anti-fog lenses, that feature wears away with time, but if you never touch the inside of the lenses, you can get it to stick around a little longer. Some users complained that the anti-fog coating wears away quicker on the I SWIMs than on other goggles.

The gaskets on the I SWIM PRO Swimming Goggles are made of a soft silicone for a comfortable airtight fit. The gentle gaskets do a lot to curb red circles around the eyes, but as with all goggles, red lines will form if the goggles are worn for long enough.

The silicone strap is fully adjustable, extending both larger and smaller than the average goggles, making these ideal for children and people with large heads. They can be adjusted from 14.5 inches around to 25 inches around, so they’re certain to fit your head.

The nosepiece is fully flexible silicone. It can bend completely around the other way without breaking. This reduces pressure on the nose, and fits more face shapes more comfortably, as it can wrap as wide or as tight as needed. Unfortunately, the nosepiece is not adjustable, and there are no alternative sizes available, so there is the chance of it not fitting in the nose area properly. However, with such a pliable nosepiece, this is far less likely.

If you are concerned about the ISWIM PRO Swimming Goggles not fitting properly, there is no need to fret. The goggles are backed by a money-back refund backing. If your goggles fog up or leak, they will refund every penny you spent on them. Goggles typically only leak if they don’t fit properly, so if the nosepiece isn’t the right size for your face, you should be able to get your money back.

The Aqua Sphere Kayenne Swim Goggles are shaped differently than any of the goggles on this list. They are specialized for open water swimming with extreme amount of visibility. While trends in goggles today tend to be the small the better, Aqua Sphere goes the other way with these oversized goggles. They extend from just below the eyebrow all the way below the bags of the eyes for increased visibility. Their curved edges also increase peripheral vision capabilities, so you have maximum knowledge of your surroundings underwater. The Aqua Sphere Kayenne Swim Goggles in clear are the goggles that will give you most visibility while swimming indoors or in low-light conditions than any other goggles in that price range.

Aqua Sphere’s most popular Kayenne model is the clear, but there are 18 different options available on Amazon in various colors and lenses. The clear ones are truly clear, with the lenses, frames, and headstrap all clear and colorless. The adjustment mechanism on the head strap is easier than usual, and can be adjusted while the goggles are on the head. There are buckles on both sides of the lenses with different notches running up the sides of the head straps for dozens of different sizing options. There is no clasp in the back, so there is still a fair amount of pulling required to put them on or take them off, which can be troublesome if you have a sensitive scalp, or are concerned with hair breakage.

The Kayenne’s lenses are anti-fog and UV protective as well as shatter-proof, so they will last a long time. The lenses are also made with ultra-durable Plexisol to last a lifetime. There is a microframe running through the entire piece made of sturdy Softeril, so these goggles can take a beating! They are possibly the best goggles for swimming if you tend to kick your goggles around, or want a little more coverage on your face.

Other Contenders

Swimming Goggles Buying Guide

Swim goggles are not all built equal. Sure, they all look pretty similar, but they do not all fit the same. The first thing to be aware of is whether or not the goggles are Swedish. The Swedish goggles have become very popular in the last few years, mostly with competitive swimmers. Many diehard fans swear they are the best swimming goggles available. They are distinct because they have no gasket. The gasket is the typically squishy part between the lens and the eye that prevents the plastic from pushing directly into your eye socket. Many people find this preferable, but many people also find this to push against the eyes painfully.

Swedish lenses are popular because you must build them yourself, leading to the fit being 100% customizable. The kit comes with an elastic strap, a string for the nosepiece and two lenses. You must thread the string through the holes at the inside of the goggles and tie a knot. Then you loop the rubber strap around the back of your head and through the outer holes in the lenses for the perfect fit. The strap is thinner than typical goggles, and therefore falls apart quicker, and Swedish goggles often have to be replaced commonly. Since Swedish goggles are mostly used by competitive swimmers, and are way less popular with the casual swimmer, there are none included in this list, but you should be aware of the option should you want to try them. Before buying a pair of goggles, make sure to check if they are Swedish goggles or not.

If buying gasket-style goggles, there are two very important factors that are the most important things affecting your comfort. The plastic used to make goggles today is all UV-protective, and most manufacturers include an anti-fog coating that should protect your lenses for a while, unless you rub around the inside of the goggles. The anti-fog coating will not last forever, so all goggles will eventually fog up, but a pair with anti-fog coating will prevent that for a while, making that coating invaluable for seeing where you are going underwater.

While the lenses don’t vary much in their construction, the material used for the gaskets and straps can vary. Most gaskets and straps are made with silicone today. Silicone is hypoallergenic and will never bother your skin. However, it also is a flimsy fabric and will wear away quicker. The other option (which is rare, but does exist) is rubber. Rubber is sturdier than silicone, but often just as comfortable. There is the risk of a user being allergic to rubber. Rubber contains latex, so if you are sensitive to latex, you must use silicone, despite it being less durable than rubber.

The last thing affecting the fit of the goggles is the nosepiece. The nosepiece size is the most important part of the goggles to fit properly. If the nosepiece is too large, the goggles cannot seal to your face, and water will leak in. If the nosepiece is too small, the goggles will pinch the bridge of the nose painfully, causing headaches and even bruising. The best swim goggles today come with adjustable nosepieces. This way you can be certain that your goggles will fit the nose comfortably without leaking. I highly recommend an adjustable nosepiece. Without it, you are taking a gamble that the goggles may not fit right on your face and there is nothing you can do about that later.

The shape of the goggles can also vary, though casual users needn’t worry much about that. Normal goggles will have a flat shape that doesn’t distort your vision in any way. Racing goggles tend to be sleeker, with lenses that wrap around the outside of the face to reduce drag and help boost your time. This isn’t necessary for casual swimmers, but many enjoy them. Even with the distortion, curved lenses make for the best swim goggles for open water swimmers.

A nice extra feature to look out for with goggle is a fastening clasp in the back. Most goggles get pulled over the head, which is pretty much guaranteed to tug and pull on your hair, which can be painful and break your hair. A clasp greatly reduces this discomfort and makes putting on and taking off the goggles much faster and easier. However, if you wear a swim cap, this is completely irrelevant, and the clasp will do little to alter your experience.​

The Different Types Of Swimming Goggles

There are many different types of swimming goggles. There are types specially designed for competitive swimmers, Swedish style, and the regular type with the eye gaskets that we’re typically familiar with. This article will only be focusing on the last type: the best swimming goggles for casual swimmers. Chances are, if you are serious about competitive swimming, you already know which goggles you prefer, or have a set recommended to you by your coach or teammates.

Mirrored Lenses

Mirrored lenses are exactly what they sound like. The outsides are mirrored and shiny. The outside world will not be able to see your eyes, but you can certainly see underwater with them. These types of lenses are the best swim goggles for outdoor swimming, as they reduce glare and can work a bit like sunglasses to dull overly bright summer days. However, many indoor swimmers find that they can make it difficult to see as it does dull lights. If the room is already dim, swimmers may find mirrored goggles to be more of a hindrance than a help.

Clear Lenses

The clearness of clear lenses does not refer to the color, but to the shading of the lenses. They are the opposite of mirrored lenses. They are clear with no protective shading. You can see through both sides clearly. If mirrored lenses are like sunglasses, then clear lenses are like reading glasses or everyday glasses. That is not to say that clear lenses provide no protection, however. The materials used to make lenses today are all UV protective, so even clear lenses will protect your eyes from the harmful glare of the sun. Clear lenses are a favorite for indoor swimmers, as the swimmers can see unimpeded by darkened lenses.

Smoked Lenses

Smoked lenses are in between mirrored and clear lenses. They are shaded, but not mirrored. You can see through both sides, but it will be a little bit darker. These are great for people who swim inside and outside, and don’t want a different pair of goggles. The can also work well in times of difficult lighting, such as sunrise. You don’t want to change your goggles midway through your workout simply because the sun came up. These are a great middle ground if you want a little bit of shading, but think mirrored lenses are too dark.

The Different Brands Of Swimming Goggles

The swim gear industry is huge right now, especially with the popularity of Olympic swimmers like Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte. There are so many brands that offer great goggles. There are many brands offering high end racing goggles for professionals and serious swimmers, but they can be upwards of $50 per pair! For the casual swimmer who swims for fun or to keep in shape, there are many brands offering goggles around $10 that work great, are super popular, and keep the sun and water out of your eyes.


Aegend is the manufacturer of the most popular goggle on Amazon now. They build a great set of goggles that have all the trimmings and trappings. They work well and last a long time. They have many options for different lens types, and their goggles, especially the mirrored ones, look pretty spiffy. The best part is they do a giveaway on their website every month. If you have ordered any of their products from Amazon during the month, you can enter to win with the order #. Just enter it on their website and they will let you know if you get some free sports gear!

Wrap Up

When buying goggles online you are always taking a gamble with them not fitting quite right. Buying goggles with an adjustable nosepiece greatly reduces that risk. A clasp in the back of the goggles reduces hair tugging when taking the goggles off, but that doesn’t matter if you swim with a cap.

All lenses are UV protected, and most are anti-fog, although the anti-fog coating will wear down in time. Protect it for as long as possible by never touching the inside of the lenses. Flat lenses provide a clearer image, while curved lenses allow you more peripheral visibility at the compromise of slight distortion. Tinted or mirrored lenses are great for reducing glare in bright areas, but clear lenses are more appropriate indoors.

Make sure to store your lenses safely while not in use to avoid scratching, and they’ll last for years to come. Happy swimming!​

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