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Are you looking to increase the pH level in your pool? Swimming pool owners need to be attentive and responsible to maintain a clean, sparkling pool, and balancing pH levels is one major part of pool maintenance. If a pool pH has dropped too low, the effects can be visually unpleasant and physically uncomfortable for swimmers. But, if you do not know how to increase the pH in your pool, the task can seem daunting. Fortunately, there are many great products to help you get the job done right, with multiple trustworthy manufacturers of excellent pool care products currently in the field. With just a small amount of knowledge and effort, the beautiful swimming pool water you desire is attainable. Whether you are a personal pool owner or the leader of a larger public organization, this article will guide you to the simplest, most effective way to raise the pH in your pool. If you need to lower it, make sure to check out our dedicated article on how to lower pH in your pool.



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Pool & Spa pH Increaser


100% pure soda ash/ sodium carbonate

Aqua Chem 05704AQU-02 pH Up

4-Pound 2-pack

100% sodium

Pool Mate 1-2210B pH Up


sodium carbonate

Kem-Tek KTK-50-0009 pH


100% sodium

Leisure Time 22339-02 Up


100% sodium

BioGuard Balance Pak 200 pH


100% sodium

Hth Ph Plus


sodium carbonate

SpaGuard Spa pH Increaser


100% sodium

Omni pH Increaser


100% sodium

GLB Pool and Spa Products 71202

7 1/2-Pound

100% sodium

Different Types Of Products

All of the top products used to increase pH in a pool available today are comprised of the same chemical: sodium carbonate. However, while the active ingredient of these products is the same, they differ in size and compatibility with other substances. This section will detail the different forms that sodium carbonate pH-raising products come in. All pool owners have unique, individual needs, so consider which type of product will be right for you.


Pool pH-increasing products are sold by weight and vary greatly as far as how much product you receive. Some options come in the form of small, 2 pound bottles. For personal pools with less water volume, this size may be the right choice. Other manufacturers offer sodium carbonate in bulk, with packages weighing upwards of twenty pounds. For bigger pools, such as public swimming pools, it will make more sense to purchase large amounts of product at one time, both economically and in terms of convenience. Buying more product at once usually ends up being less expensive per pound, and will save time from having to constantly re-order.

The standard dosage for granular sodium carbonate in swimming pools is 1 pound of chemical per 10,000 gallons of water. Gauge the size of your pool to determine what amount of product you will require, as well as how often you will need to re-purchase that chemical.


There are many different chemicals that go into making pool water clean. So, it is important that the chemical you use to fix a low pH in your pool won’t interfere with other cleaning agents. Sanitizers are essential to proper pool maintenance; these products combat bacteria, viruses, and algae that form in your water. The most common pool sanitizer is chlorine, but other chemicals such as biguanide, bromine, and ozone can also be used. Make sure that the product you select to raise the pH in your pool is compatible with the sanitizer that you use.

Some people own a saltwater pool. Many select this type of swimming pool as an alternative to the traditional chlorinated water, which can cause skin or eye irritation for some. If you own a saltwater pool, you will need to find a saltwater compatible pH-increaser. Many popular pool care brands now make all of their products safe for use in saltwater pools, so you will have a variety of options.

The best product to increase the pH of your pool depends on what type of swimming pool you own, including its size, water volume, and the sanitizers you treat it with. Keep all of this information in mind to ensure that you select the right product to properly balance your water.


When it comes to balancing your pool water, there is a wide array of brands offering great products to help you along the way. Whether you value efficiency, experience, or affordability, you will be able to find a company that fits your needs. Read on to learn about some of the top pool care brands.

Aqua Chem

Aqua Chem is a trusted name in the pool maintenance field, offering a useful online pool water testing service, as well as a selection of high-quality products. This brand takes pride in “The Aqua Chem 4 Step System”, a thoughtfully developed system to help pool owners thoroughly care for their water and avoid unfortunate sanitation issues. Step 1 of this helpful system is balance. Among Aqua Chem’s line of balancing products is pH Up, which can be used to effectively raise a low pH in your pool.

Aqua Chem’s breadth of knowledge and experience in the field of water testing allows for a high level of precision in their products. With Aqua Chem, you can feel confident that your pool water will reach the correct level of balance and sanitation, decreasing the risk of unideal pool conditions down the line. Also, you can take advantage of the wealth of information about proper pool maintenance available on their website.


Kem-Tek is a pool care company that began in 1958 as a packager of dry chlorine. After a steady period of expansion, acquisitions, and innovations, Kem-Tek is now a worldwide provider of pool and spa maintenance products. This brand knows the importance of safety when it comes to your swimming pool, and all of their chemicals are built for secure storing to keep your children and pets out of harm’s way. Kem-Tek’s products are all clearly labeled with color-coding to make differentiating different products easy. These chemicals also come with thorough, straightforward instructions to ensure that usage is not only simple but also safe. Kem-Tek’s selection of pool balancing products includes a top-quality pH Plus formula to prevent the damage caused by acidic pool water. Also, all of this brand’s products are safe for use in saltwater systems. Trusted by pool owners everywhere, Kem-Tek’s chemicals will help you to achieve crystal clear pool water in a safe, uncomplicated way.


BioGuard one of the largest names in pool care expertise, with locations of BioGuard Dealers all across the country. Backed by over 50 years of experience, this company offers a sweeping selection of pool and spa maintenance products to fix any issue you may encounter, including sanitizers, algae killers, shock chemicals, balancers, enhancers, and even products to maintain your pool during the off-season months. BioGuard also offers products that are specially manufactured for use in salt and non-chlorine pools.

BioGuard takes pride in its reliable, professional customer service. This brand offers all kinds of advice to fit your unique needs so that the process of maintaining your pool is as simple and straightforward as possible. All BioGuard dealers are meticulously trained on the most current pool care processes and products so that you receive the best possible treatment. Their products are also thoroughly tested to ensure safety and efficiency. No matter your individual pool care needs, BioGuard is equipped to offer a solution you can trust.


​Established in 1928, HTH is a reliable pool care brand known for professionalism and expertise in the field. HTH has developed an easy to understand, color-coded 4-step program to streamline the process of pool maintenance. The steps include balance, sanitize, shock, and algaecides. HTH offers a selection of products for each step, with detailed explanations so that you know which product is right for you. This brand also offers several choices of water testing kits, so that you can ensure precision as you work towards a clean, sparkling pool. Are you a saltwater pool owner? Not only does HTH offer products uniquely tailored tothe needs of a saltwater pool, but all of this brand’s products are also safe for use in salt systems.

​All of HTH’s chemicals are manufactured by Lonza, the largest supplier of pool care products in the world. Lonza uses tested product technologies to combat water issues such as algae, fungi, and bacteria in an array of markets, ranging from food hygiene to papermaking, as well as in pools and spas. Backed by experience and advanced technology, HTH’s products are a dependable choice for pool owners everywhere.


OMNI is a top-rated brand from BioLab, Inc., a network of distribution for superior pool and spa products. Around for over 50 years, this corporation and its high-caliber brands have served pool and spa owners all over the United States with excellent products known for quality and dependability. With extensive experience and access to top-notch materials, BioLab Inc. ensures professionalism and first-rate customer service in each of their brands. OMNI’s range of oxidizers, sanitizers, algaecides, and balancers are all carefully tested to ensure that each product is not only effective but also safe for swimmers. Each product is fast-acting and clearly labeled with instructions for use to eliminate confusion and decrease the risk of chemical accidents.

OMNI is a fantastic resource for pool owners to turn to for extensive maintenance information, with helpful advice on all types of issues from water testing to closing your pool for the winter. OMNI is a dependable and longstanding name in the pool care industry that you can trust.

Top 5 Products To Raise pH In A Pool

If you are struggling with the question of how to increase pH in a pool, the answer is simple: find the right product for you. There are plenty of different choices in the current pool care market of effective pH-balancing chemicals. Whether you value affordability, varied sanitizer compatibility, a fast-acting formula, or any other specific quality, there is bound to be a product which can satisfy your unique needs. Below are five of the top pH-lowering products on Amazon. Each is backed by a trusted brand and positive customer reviews. Consider each option carefully to see if one could be perfect for you.

1. Pool & Spa pH Increaser

Weighing in at a whopping 15 pounds, this product will give you bang for your buck. Distributed by Factory Direct Chemicals, this pH increaser is comprised from 100% pure sodium carbonate. Also called soda ash, this granular chemical quickly dissolves in pool water and reduces acidic conditions. Additionally, this product will delay chlorine depletion caused by a low pH in the pool, along with other negative effects of water acidity such as skin irritation and equipment deterioration.

This American-made Pool & Spa Increaser from the FDC has earned a rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars on Amazon. Glowing customer reviews endorse this product as an effective pH-raising product for an outstanding price. As a great bulk option, this product is ideal for those with large pools or an extended need for a pH-increasing chemicals.

2. Aqua Chem pH Up For Swimming Pools

The swimming pool pH Up from Aqua Chem is one of the top-rated pH increasers on Amazon, having earned 4.9 out of 5 stars. Customers praise this product’s high-quality formula, which works to not only quickly increase the pH in your pool but also to keep the level up. This option from Aqua Chem also averts uncomfortable eye irritation and damage to pool equipment caused by a low pH in your pool.

For a competitive price, you receive a two-pack of 4-pound containers. So, you will get 8 pounds of pH-lowering product--a fantastic value. Trusted by pool owners everywhere, Aqua Chem pH Up is an affordable option to achieve safe, balanced water.

3. Pool Mate pH Up For Swimming Pools

The Pool Mate pH Up is a popular product on Amazon, with an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars from 34 customer reviews. Manufactured by Robelle Industries, one of the largest and most long-standing pool chemical companies in existence, this water balancer is backed by a trusted reputation. For use in water testing below the optimal pH range of 7.2 to 7.8 ppm, Pool Mate pH Up works just as well as the pricier chemical options out there. This pH increaser provides 10 pounds of fast-acting sodium carbonate. Use one pound for every 10,000 gallons of pool water to effectively balance the water’s acidity. Easy to apply and fast-dissolving, this pH Up from Pool Mate will make your pool cleaner, safer, and more comfortable for swimmers, as well as increase the lifespan of your pool equipment.

4. Kem-Tek pH Plus Pool And Spa Chemicals

This pH Plus product from Kem-Tek simplifies the process of pool water balancing with clear labeling and a convenient container with a large handle. Comprised of 100% granular sodium carbonate, or soda ash, this pH increaser will dissolve quickly to curb damage to pool equipment and eye irritation due to low pH in the pool. This product, like all of Kem-Tek’s range of pool chemicals, is safe for use in saltwater pools and will balance saltwater just as effectively as traditional pool water. So, no matter your swimming pool type, you can trust this pH plus to get the job done right.

Kem-Tek pH Plus provides five pounds of high-quality product. Also, this pH-raising product has earned a rating of 4.4 stars out of 5. The competitive price coupled with glowing customer reviews makes this product one of the most attractive options on Amazon.

5. Leisure Time Spa Up

As the #1 Bestseller in the “Swimming Pool Balancers” category on Amazon, this product from Leisure Time had to make it onto this top product list. Out of 212 customer reviews, the Leisure Time Spa Up is rated at 4.3 out of 5 stars. Customers praise this product’s easy-to-use packaging and dry, granular formula. Made up of 100% sodium bicarbonate, Leisure Time has formulated Spa Up to increase both the pH and alkalinity of water when levels have dropped below the ideal range. This product is compatible with all types of sanitizers, namely bromine, chlorine, and biguanide.

Leisure Time Spa Up provides two pounds of pH-raising product. Backed by over 25 years of experience, Leisure Time is one of the leading brands of spa water maintenance products, and is trusted by consumers everywhere. With a bestselling title on Amazon and dependable brand name, the Leisure Time Spa Up is worth consideration.

Next Five Leading Products

While the above five products are the top choices for pH-increasers on Amazon, there are multiple other great options available. The following products are highly rated, effective, and worth a look as you shop for pool care chemicals.

6. BioGuard Balance Pak 200 pH Increaser

Providing two pounds of granular sodium carbonate, this 5-star BioGuard selection would be a good choice for owners of small pools.

7. HTH pH Plus

The trusted HTH brand has formulated a fast-dissolving product to raise pH in pools. You get five pounds of high-quality, 4.5 star-rated chemical.

8. SpaGuard Spa pH Increaser

This product’s title of #1 Best Seller in the “Swimming Pool Stain Removers” category on Amazon makes it worth a mention. Weighing 18 ounces, this is one of the most popular water care products on Amazon.

9. Omni pH Increaser

Comprised of sodium carbonate, this pH-raising product from Omni is a great value.

10. GLB Pool And Spa Products Alkalinity Up Pool Water Balancer

This sodium carbonate chemical from GLB promises to curb fluctuation of the pH level in pools. It provides 7 ½ pounds of product and is compatible with chlorine, bromine, ozone, salt, and biguanide sanitizers.

Buying Guide

Balanced pool water is critical to the maintenance of an enjoyable swimming pool, but many are unsure of exactly how to achieve the ideal pH level in a pool. To start, test your water to determine the current acidic level. The optimal range is 7.2 to 7.8. If your test yields a pH lower than 7.2, your water has become too acidic, and this will trigger undesirable complications. A low pH level will cause discomfort for swimmers in the form of dry, itchy skin and eyes. Also, acidic pool water will break down the pool surfaces and equipment. The pool walls can begin to dissolve, which will contaminate the water and cause discoloration. Low pH levels generally decrease the lifespan of your pool.

To fix a pH level that has dropped too low, you can apply a pH-increasing product to your pool. These products are generally comprised of a dry, granular chemical called sodium carbonate. Read the provided instructions for the product you purchase before attempting to use it. From the test you conducted, you should be able to determine how much product to use. Diluting the chemical is recommended for some products. Follow the given proportion of water to chemical provided on the specific product to ensure precision in the dosage. Avoid adding an excess amount of chemical, as this could cause a pH that is too high. Be careful not to get the chemical on your skin or clothing; try to pour it in when wind levels are low so that you can control exactly where it goes.

Sodium carbonate typically dissolves quickly and does not require manual spreading. Add the chemical to the deep end first, and it is best to pour it in near the water jets. This will ensure proper circulation throughout the pool. Wait a few hours before retesting the water to make sure that the chemical was fully distributed and had time to work. If the pH level is still below the ideal range, start to add more to the pool in small increments.

Check this video out for a visual tutorial on increasing your pool’s pH level:


Swimming pools make for great times and lots of fun with family and friends. But, when the pool water becomes too acidic, it will be unpleasant for swimmers, as well as damaging to pool surfaces and equipment. Luckily, there are plenty of excellent products available to raise the pH level of pool water, each with unique qualities and benefits. While some offer affordability and a bulk size, others are compatible with an array of different sanitizers and saltwater pools. Consider the fantastic products listed above to find the right option for you. With the tips and tricks provided in this article to guide you, balanced pool water is within reach.

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