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Not everyone can have an in-ground pool. They’re expensive, cumbersome and high-maintenance. But the rest of us can enjoy pool parties during the summer with an above ground pool. Above ground pools can be constructed in several different ways, but are easy to set-up and take down. You can put it together in the beginning of summer and take it down when it starts getting cold. You want a pool that can last many seasons and provide years of fun for your family.

Intex is one of the leading brands for above ground pools. They’ve been around for over 40 years. They make pools, airbeds, and inflatable spas. They try to make their products and production as green as possible. Their products are backed by warranties. Best of all, they are dedicated to making their inventory affordable for the average family.

Different Types Of Intex Pools

Intex has a wide variety of pools available. All the different categories have different sizes and different shapes to choose from. They are sure to have an above ground pool that suits your needs.

Easy Set

The Easy Set pools are designed to be incredibly easy to set up. Some above ground pools have metals frames, steel side panelling, and complicated pumps. The Easy Set line only needs the top tube to be blown up. Then you fill the pool with water and it’s ready to go. The longest part of set up will filling it with water.

There are eight different sizes of the Easy Set pools. They are circles or varying depths and diameters. The smallest is 20 inches deep with a six-foot diameter. The largest is 18 feet across with a 48-inch depth.

The Easy Set is perfect for families with children, are is you are limited for space. You can set up and take down these pools easily, so you don’t have to keep it up for the entire season. You can set it up for an event, and take it down at the end of the weekend. The only thing you’ll have to worry about is the water to fill it multiple times.

If you do decide to keep the Easy Set filled for a long period of time, it may require more work to keep it clean without a pump system. You will have to scoop it out every day and, as with all other pools, you will have to apply chlorine daily.

The Easy Set pools are made with a sturdy puncture-resistant 3-ply material. It should withstand the elements, but be careful as some very hardy grasses can grow through the bottom.

Metal Frame

Intex’s range of metal frame pools are designed to be much more long term than the Easy Set line. They are propped up by a sturdy metal frame that you will have to put together. The set-up is not too intense, and should take less than an hour.

The Metal Frame line is built with a strong PVC walls and a filter pump to help you keep them clean. They are all circular with varying depth and diameters. There are six different sizes available. The smallest is 30-inches deep with a 12-foot diameter. They get progressively larger up to the biggest, which has a 24-foot diameter with a 52-inch depth. Ladders are included to scale the walls quickly. They also have debris covers for when the pool is not in use. It helps keep the water warm and clean.

The metal frame range is a great option if you want a pool that will last the entire summer. They are great for laps, pool parties, and loads of family fun. Regular maintenance should be followed, with chlorine and scooping out of leaves. When summer’s over, they easily come apart and can be stored until the next season. They are sure to give you many summers of fun!

Oval Frame

The oval frame is a hybrid between the metal frame and the Easy Set pools. They have an inflatable rim like the Easy Sets, but they are held up by steel side support frames. They can be as large as metal framed pools, but are nearly as easy to set-up as the Easy Sets. Because they are so large, and designed for long term use, they come with filter pumps. They also have ladders included for easy access.

There are only two sixes of the oval frame available. The smaller is 18 feet by 12 feet with a 42-inch depth. The larger is 20 feet by 12 feet with a 48-inch depth. Because of their oval shape, they are much easier to use for fitness and swimming laps. They are also fun for parties, and are great for families with older children. They are large enough to fit many people comfortably.

Prism Frame

The Prism Frame is a unique pool that offers another option, especially for families with limited space and funds. It is very similar to the rectangular metal frame pools, but is smaller and therefore more affordable.

The Prism Frame pool comes with all the trappings of the Metal Frame pools. It has a ladder, a filter pump, a ground cloth, and a debris cover. It also has a newer, more modern design. While most of Intex’s pools are a bright blue color, the prism pool is a light grey with white trim for a more pastel, pleasant design.

The Prism pool is a simple rectangular shape. It is 16 feet by 8 feet, with a 42-inch depth. It comfortably fits at least eight people. The steel frame snaps together in less than an hour. The Prism pool can stay erect in the yard for the entire summer, then easily drained and stored for the winter.

Ultra Frame

The Ultra Frame line is Intex’s premium line of pools. They are constructed with extra-strong 3-layers of extra strength material and a stronger frame that is even easier to assemble. They come in ten different shapes and sizes. Six are round, and four are rectangular. The design is a sleek, simple gray with a brilliant blue interior. They come with a debris cover, ladder, and ground cover. While a pump is not included, a dual-action hook-up on all pools allows for their high-grade dual pump to be purchased and attached.

The Ultra Frame pools are more expensive than the other models, and they don’t come with a pump. The purchase of pool and pump is not one you will regret. The pool will last a lifetime. It can be filled and stored through your kids’ whole childhoods for years of memories.

The pools are extra large. The smallest circular model is 42 inches deep with a 14-foot diameter, while the largest is 18 feet across and 52 inches deep. The rectangular pools range from 18 feet by 9 feet with a 52-inch depth, to 32 feet by 16 feet with a 52-inch depth.

The Intex Ultra Frame pool is the above ground pool if you want the best quality, longest-lasting pool available today. 


intex pool

Intex also offers a range of pools made especially for kids. There are 14 different kiddie pools to choose from. They’re small, lightweight and safe for your little ones. They even produce many tiny little pools sized perfectly for one wee baby to splash around in. They vary greatly in design. Some are pop-up and some are portable. The baby pools usually have a cover to protect the infant skin. The pools come in a range of heights for as your children grow. The kiddie pools by Intex are so affordable, you could buy one for every kid without breaking the bank! 

Replacement Parts

Many products on the market today don’t last very long. When one of their parts breaks, they cannot be replaced and you’re stuck buying a whole new replacement. Fortunately, Intex doesn’t work that way. You can buy debris covers, ladders, pumps, seals, ground covers, and any other parts you might need to replace. This will save you the cost of replacing your entire pool when one thing goes wrong. It will extend the lifespan of your pool and save you time trying to repair your pool without the proper parts.

Intex Pools Review

Intex is one of the leading manufacturers of above ground pools, but how great are their products, really? The most important thing when shopping for an above ground pool is durability. You want to make sure it will stand the test of time. Pools take quite a beating. They are filled with water, chemicals, and splashing children for a few months, then they spend months in storage facing the darkest corners of your attic. A pool needs to withstand the pressures put on it.

Intex’s pools are definitely built to survive multiple seasons. Their walls are built with durable multi-layered materials. The bottoms are extra-reinforced to prevent grass from growing through. some really strong grasses can grow through, so you will want to make sure the area is cleared of those grasses before you set up the pool. The liner is durable, but it can tend to fade with excessive chlorine use. But if there’s so much chlorine your pool that it’s eating away at the sturdy lining, you probably don’t want to swim in it. If you maintain a normal chlorine level, it should be fine. If algae does build up, you can wipe it away with a damp cloth and some dish soap when the pool is emptied. The pools also don’t work on slanted ground. You need to level the land where you’ll be setting up the pool.

The frames on the Intex pools are strong and easy to put together. They are rust proof, even after years of water exposure. The ladders that come included tend to be a little bit on the flimsy side, so you may end up wanting to upgrade to something a little more durable before using it extensively.

The Intex pumps are revolutionary and high quality. They have a variety of different options available. They are different strengths for different sixed pools and have a variety of different filtration systems to fit your needs and budget. The pumps last a long time, but people have said that the pumps included with the pools are not powerful enough for the pool. An upgrade may be necessary if you don’t want to run your pump 24/7.

Even if you find that a piece of your Intex pool isn’t working as well as you want it to, there is always a replacement part available on Intex’s website. They have gaskets, hoses, pipes and any other parts you could possibly need. This greatly extends the life of your pool, no matter which model you purchase.

In addition to judging individual models, when looking at a brand, another good factor to consider is the number of options available. Intex offers over 40 different options for pools. There is certain to one in that extensive range that is suitable to your needs.

With so many options available, and all built from the highest quality materials, it’s no wonder that Intex is one of the leading makers of above ground pools.


​Intex is a solid brand with a great reputation. That reputation is well earned, as their product line is extensive and well-built. They offer a wide range of different styles and sizes of pools. Replacement parts are available for anything you could possibly need. Every pool has accessories that are either included or can be added in, such as ladders, debris covers, and ground protectors. The Intex Ultra Frame Pool reviews will all agree that they are one of the best pools on the market. But any of the pools offered by Intex are sure to last your family for many summers to come.

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