Review Of 16 X 32 Rectangle Safety Pool Cover

Owning an excellent pool cover is necessary for proper swimming pool maintenance. The best pool covers available today not only protect pools during the off-season and make for cleaner pool water in the spring, but also make the pool area safer, eliminating the risk of accidental drowning. Many pool owners even choose to use a pool cover throughout the year, enjoying the many benefits of these great products throughout every season. GLI Pool Products is one of the top manufacturers of high-quality pool covers in the market today. Based in Youngstown, Ohio, this company prides itself on a range of pool care products that offer outstanding dependability. The pool covers manufactured by GLI Pool Products focus on strength and security, ensuring that your family is protected from pool-related accidents. This review will focus on the 16 X 32 Rectangle Safety Pool Cover from GLI; a customer favorite for its impressive features and affordable price.


Due to the fact that pool covers play a vital role in swimming pool safety and maintenance, there are certain standards that a product should meet before you select it for purchase. Firstly, pool covers can vary in material type. Some of the least expensive covers available are made from thin materials such as polyethylene. While effective in keeping debris and sunlight out of contact with the water, this type of cover will not support any weight, and is therefore ineffective in protecting children and pets from terrible accidents. Mesh is a popular pool cover material as well, and many top-notch products are comprised of mesh. However, lightweight mesh is also unable to support weight. Look for mesh of the the two-ply variety at least; three-ply mesh is even better. This specification refers to the number of layers that the mesh is made up of, and is a good indicator of how strong the material is. A more durable material will also hold up better to the harsh winter season, which can impose heavy snow, rain, and wind.

Another factor to keep in mind when shopping for pool covers is how the cover will function. Most pool covers work well to keep out debris and sunlight, which reduces risk of evaporation and will keep your pool cleaner during the off-season. But, some covers handle rain and snowfall differently. Mesh covers allow for this excess water to seep through, which means that you will not have to use a pump to drain any standing water that accumulates on the cover. While this is very convenient, the design can leave your pool water somewhat murky once uncovered, due to the additional water. The other option is solid covers, which are often made from a vinyl material. These covers do not allow for water drainage. While your water will be clearer in the spring with a hard pool cover, you will have to deal with any water that collects over the winter months.

One feature that takes a pool cover to the next level is ASTM certification. ASTM International is a worldwide standards organization that provides information to consumers about the quality of a wide array of products, including pool and spa supplies. ASTM-certified pool covers have been tested and found to meet a high level of safety and quality standards. If you are looking for a pool cover that you can walk on, this certification is essential; it is dangerous to walk on a cover that has not been tested and deemed able to withstand weight.

Product Overview

The 16 X 32 Rectangle Safety Pool Cover from GLI Pool Products has a customer rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars. This expansive pool cover is comprised of two-ply mesh which can withstand mildew, chemical damage, rot, and sunlight. The mesh construction drains water through, but filters out debris and leaves.

Included with this swimming pool cover are brass anchors for installation to concrete decks, stainless steel springs, the installation tool and a storage bag. This swimming pool cover is intended for rectangular pools with square corners and no step sections.

This popular safety pool cover is ASTM rated and can support up to 4,000 pounds in weight. It also comes with a 12-year warranty. Owners of this cover have come to rely on it throughout the year, not just during the winter, for its comprehensive protective capabilities.

Pros And Cons

The 16 X 32 Rectangle Safety Pool Cover is one of the bestselling pool covers that you can walk on available, offering a combination of affordability, strength and functionality. You can feel confident that the two-ply mesh will easily withstand the weight of several people, catching any falls and keeping children safe. This cover’s ASTM certification also makes it a leader in the field.

This safety pool cover will help you to maintain a cleaner swimming pool by resisting debris and withstanding issues like mildew. Its ability to drain water will make for an easy removal process, as there will be no standing water. However, keep in mind that the excess water may make your pool cloudy for a few days upon uncovering.

This pool cover model is one of the least expensive of its kind by a significant margin. Other pool covers which are strong enough to walk on and made from similar top-notch materials are more expensive. Also, this product’s excellent customer reviews make it a trusted option among pool owners everywhere.


Finding a swimming pool cover that offers both dependable strength and great functionality can be a difficult task. The 16 X 32 Rectangle Safety Pool Cover from GLI Pool Products is one such product. It will not only keep your pool cleaner and ensure your family’s safety, but it is also one of the best values for money among its pool cover competitors. As a popular and internationally trusted product, this safety pool cover is definitely worth your consideration.

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