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​All types of pool owners know the benefits of having a high-quality pool cover. Pool covers serve a multitude of purposes, ranging from maintaining cleanliness by screening out debris to increasing pool safety. Whether you manage a community pool or own your own personal swimming pool, a cover will simplify the maintenance process, especially during the winter months. Some pool covers currently sold are even durable enough to be walked on, adding another level of safety and security. The 20 x 40 ft. Rectangle Meyco Safety Pool Cover is a top-rated product, offering a selection of great features for pool owners everywhere. Continue reading to learn more about this fantastic swimming pool cover option.


Before purchasing a pool cover, it is wise to consider the various characteristics that will make a product right for you. The material of the cover is an important element which determines its functionality. The majority of popular pool covers are made from either mesh or a hard material, such as vinyl or plastic. Hard covers, especially the plastic varieties, tend to be more affordable, but also far more breakable, than mesh options. Mesh pool covers are often strong enough to support the weight of several people, making them the preferable choice for those seeking a reliable safety cover. Mesh covers also vary from hard covers in that they allow for excess water to drain through. Water from rain and melted snow will collect on top of a hard cover, requiring the use of a pump for removal. While mesh covers conveniently eliminate standing water on their own, water that drains through can make for temporarily cloudy pool water in the spring.

The primary function of a pool cover is to protect the swimming pool during the off-season, keeping debris and sunlight out to lower maintenance costs later on. A cover must be able to withstand harsh winter conditions in order to perform this function. Make sure that the material is durable enough to endure snow, rain, and wind without tearing, becoming rotten, or developing mildew. An included warranty is often a good sign that a cover will last well into the future.

The best pool safety covers available have earned an ASTM certification. ASTM International is a global organization which tests an assortment of products for quality and dependability. Covers which meet ASTM’s standards are guaranteed to be safe to walk on, meaning that children and pets are safe from accidental drowning. If you are looking for a cover to make your pool more secure for your family, it is essential that the product has earned an ASTM rating.

Product Overview

The 20 x 40 ft. Rectangle Meyco Safety Pool Cover is built for expansive swimming pools. It is made from durable two-ply Meycolite mesh that is forest green in color. This strong yet flexible material can support up to 4,000 pounds in weight, and is resistant to mildew, sunlight, rot, and even chlorine. Meyco has designed a spring-loaded brass Pop-Up anchoring system which has proven to keep the cover firmly secured throughout every season, and installation can be completed within minutes. The anchoring system, stainless steel buckles and springs, installation tool, and storage bag are all included.

The lightweight material of this pool safety cover eliminates standing water by allowing rain and snow to filter through. But, the mesh keeps leaves and other types of debris out, maintaining a level of pool water cleanliness.

This pool cover from Meyco has earned a rating from ASTM, making it safe to walk on. Also, a 12-year warranty is included with your purchase.

Check out the 20 x 40 ft. Rectangle Meyco Safety Pool Cover in the photo below:

Pros And Cons

For owners of very large pools, the 20 x 40 ft. Rectangle Meyco Safety Pool Cover is a great option to keep in mind. Considering its whopping 20 by 40 foot dimensions and high-quality material, the price is reasonable. The two-ply Meycolite mesh will leave your pool cleaner in the spring without collecting water on its surface. Also, this cover is built to withstand the outdoor elements, and with a 12-year warranty, you can feel confident that it will stay in top-condition for years to come.

Meyco has made safety a top priority with this pool cover. Children and pets are protected against accidental drowning by the ASTM-rated material; it can hold thousands of pounds without breaking. Additionally, the specially designed Pop-Up anchoring system firmly secures the cover to your surrounding pool area, ensuring that even heavy winds will not cause shifts or movement.

​This pool safety cover from Meyco offers exceptional durability, convenience, and ease of use. However, it is essential that your pool is shaped in a way that the cover can accommodate. This cover is designed for pools with square corners and no step sections. Also, there needs to be at least three feet of concrete surrounding the pool’s perimeter. If your swimming pool meets these requirements, the 20 x 40 ft. Rectangle Meyco Safety Pool Cover could be right for you.


Even during the off-season, swimming pools are tedious to maintain; debris can compromise the cleanliness of the water, and sunlight can cause evaporation or even raise heating costs. The 20 x 40 ft. Rectangle Meyco Safety Pool Cover is a fantastic solution to those issues, protecting your pool with little effort required from you beyond installation. If you own a large, expansive pool, this cover from Meyco could be an excellent fit. Now you know why this cover landed a spot on the top pool covers you can walk on.

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