Review Of Pentair's Aqualuminator Aboveground Pool Light

Pentair is a world-wide leading brand in all things water. They specialize in water and fluid controls for many different industries, including food, infrastructure and manufacturing. They are also one of the biggest brands in pool supplies.

Their products, no matter what industry they are meant for, are well-built and sturdy. They are also a leader in research, making their products technologically advanced. They have received the Energy Star Partner of the Year award three years running.

Pentair’s AquaLuminator is one of the most popular above ground pool lights on Amazon. But before we jump into our Pentair AquaLuminator Review let’s go over what makes up a good light.​

What We Looked For In The Pentair AquaLuminator

Things that you should consider before buying a pool light include brightness, durability, power source, and connection to the pool. They can also have lots of cool extra features, which can really put a light above and beyond the rest.

A pool light should be bright enough to light up an entire pool. Most above ground pools are significantly smaller than in-ground pools, so buying multiple lights for a small pool is unnecessary. There are many lights that are capable of lighting a pool single-handedly, so there’s no point in buying two.

Lights should also be able to hold up for years. An above ground pool should be able to be used for many summers, and packed up in between uses. Your light should be no different. A pool light will undoubtedly face many elements, such as water and sun, but that is to be expected, and the light needs to be able to handle that. It also should be able to be packed up for months at a time and still work afterward. However, if it is multipurpose, it could be used year-round and not need to be packed up.

Being underwater, the lights will have to be battery powered. There are also a few that are induction powered, through a magnetic connection through the pool wall. If battery powered, the light needs to stay on long enough for you to have a party, but it’s better if it can stay on all night on a single charge. The lights can either float or attach to the wall. Floating lights tend to be battery powered and less bright. They also tend to get stuck in corners or on the wall, reducing effectiveness.​

Pentair AquaLuminator Product Overview

The Pentair AquaLuminator is a dual-purpose light, also operating as a water return. It solves the problem of how to connect the light to the pool by using the pre-punched water return hole. It is a bright light that can easily illuminate most pools, even large ones. It installs easily, although the pool must be emptied for installation. If your pool already has a water return, you will have to remove the previous one before installing the AquaLuminator.

The light comes with only one setting, which is a bright floodlight, but it also comes with blue and green covers for the lights which can give the light a softer glow. They also give the pool a nicer ambiance.

The light is powered by a 25-inch power cord and is easy to turn on and off, requiring only the flipping of a switch. The light is sturdy and well built, typically lasting many seasons.​

Pentair AquaLuminator Pros And Cons

One of the biggest advantages to the Pentair AquaLuminator is the fact that it also operates as a water return. This means the installation is firm, and it doesn’t take up any extra space or plugs than you would normally require with your typical water return.

Another wonderful aspect of the AquaLuminator is that it is quite a bit brighter than most other pool lights. Many lights cannot stand up to the challenge of lighting a large pool by themselves, but this one does. Users reported a single AquaLuminator being able to light pools up to 27 feet long.

If you are concerned that you will be trading out your already great water return for one that compromises quality for the additional of a light, you needn’t worry. The AquaLuminator is a great light, but it also works quite well as a water return. It is typically larger than the average water return, since it has a light in the middle, but it still returns the same amount of water as a typical return. It simply doesn’t act as much as a jet stream, but disperses the water over a larger surface area.

Pentair also has replacements parts available should any pieces give out. You won’t have to replace the whole unit if one gasket breaks. You can also get a fountain attachment to take your AquaLuminator to a new level.​

Final Verdict On The Pentair AquaLuminator

The Pentair AquaLuminator is one of the best pool lights on the market today. It is bright, durable, and also works as a water return. Replacement parts are available, and it is easy to install. It is a fantastic light. You will not be disappointed.

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