Bestway SaluSpa Hawaii AirJet Inflatable Hot Tub Review 2018

Inflatable hot tubs are becoming more versatile as greater numbers of consumers seek them out. The innovation of these portable spas has been inevitable, as the competition within the market has grown over time. The competition and new technology is a great benefit to us as consumers, because it leads to better hot tubs, better prices, and more options. The growth of this market has not slowed down and appears to be continuously gaining steam, which means inflatable hot tubs will only continue to improve.

Bestway is a company that has seen this opportunity for growth and taken it in stride. It has strived to become one of the most innovative companies in the inflatable hot tub industry and has had promising results overall. It continues to work hard to provide high quality and satisfactory products to its consumers. It seeks to meet and exceed expectations.

Criteria For A Great Portable Hot Tub

Many consumers want an inflatable hot tub that can handle just about any type of water. While filtration systems help with this, they aren’t usually designed to soften water or work with salt water. Some of the best inflatable hot tubs will include a hard water treatment system to help soften the water that you add to your hot tub. Even better hot tubs will include a salt-water treatment system, so you can potentially save more money in the long run.

A lot of inflatable spas have simple air bubbles. While these are relaxing, they aren’t very forceful and don’t offer the best massage experience. Some of the better hot tubs feature water jets that provide a much more efficient level of massage. The best inflatable hot tubs, however, will include both the bubbles and the water jets. This adds to their versatility and allows for even more relaxation possibilities.

Bestway SaluSpa Hawaii Product Overview

The Bestway SaluSpa Hawaii AirJet Inflatable Hot Tub holds up to two hundred and ten gallons of water, which can be heated to a temperature of one hundred and four degrees Fahrenheit. The rapid heating system allows it to heat at around two to three degrees per hour. This spa has a built in filtration system, along with a hard water and salt-water treatment system. It features a digital control panel that has a timer for the heating system and controls the included Lay-Z HydroJet System. This panel also controls the filtration system and the air bubbles. The hot tub is made with two layers of TriTech three-ply PVC and a polyester mesh core. The spa has a gray exterior and a cream interior. It comes with two additional filter cartridges, a locking cover, a chemical floater, and a pressure gauge.

Bestway SaluSpa Hawaii Pros and Cons


This inflatable hot tub from Bestway is one of the most versatile hot tubs around. It has a hard water treatment system that softens the water, which is better for both your skin and the unit. It also has a salt-water treatment system, which helps cut down on the need for harsh chemicals. This is also better for your skin. Salt-water systems are becoming much more popular as they offer an alternative to the traditional cleaning chemicals, which can be expensive and unsafe. They are better for the environment and your pocketbook.

This spa also offers versatility in its massage system with both air bubbles and the HydroJet System. There are eight HydroJets and eighty-eight bubble jets for a completely integrated relaxation experience. The HydroJets are adjustable to provide an extra level of control over the system. They also provide a stronger massage experience while the air bubbles provide a light, soothing feeling. Both of these systems can be run at the same time, so you can experience both of these wonderful sensations.


This inflatable spa has many excellent reviews. It’s not perfect, however. Some customers complained about motor failure, though this is not super common. Others complained about the salt-water system not performing as well as they believed it should. This is unfortunate, because it’s one of the reasons this hot tub is so much more expensive than similar models. One of the most common complaints, though, was in regard to the lack of quality control. Some customers received materials that were damaged and had to contact customer service in order to get the issues taken care of. This can be extremely frustrating and should be easily avoidable.


The Hawaii Inflatable Hot Tub is definitely on the more expensive side. However, it has features that simply aren’t found in many other models. This hot tub is worth considering if you want a truly versatile option that is environmentally friendly and better for you skin. It’s also worth considering if you want more than one option for relaxation.

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