Review Of The Blue Wave 14-ft x 28-ft Rectangular In-Ground Pool Safety Cover

Swimming pools are a fantastic installation in any home or neighborhood, allowing for endless fun with family and friends. However, owning a pool also requires extensive care and maintenance to ensure that it stays clean all year round. Pool covers not only keep out dirt and other debris during the winter months, but also lower heating costs by reducing evaporation. Some covers can even support large amounts of weight, making them safe to walk on. One such cover is the 14-ft x 28-ft Rectangular In-Ground Pool Safety Cover from Blue Wave. This popular pool maintenance product offers the strength and durability to protect your family from accidental falls, as well as withstand harsh winter weather. Read on to learn more about this great pool cover.


There are certain requirements that you should look for in an excellent pool cover, one of which would be proper material type. Most pool covers are made of either a hard material, such as vinyl or plastic, or mesh. Hard covers keep out dirt, debris, sunlight, rain and snow. Mesh covers also keep out unwanted debris and protect pool water from sunlight, but excess water is drained through the material instead of collecting on top. This means that you will not have to pump out standing water, which is very convenient. However, rain or melted snow that drains through may make for temporarily cloudy water in the spring. Both types of materials have their pros and cons; you will have to determine which option is the best fit for you.

Especially during the winter season, pool covers are in use for months at a time. So you need to find a cover that can withstand the harsh winter weather, as well as rot and mildew. Many covers are tested for durability and are guaranteed to last several years in even the most extreme outdoor conditions. To protect yourself from having to repurchase a cover due to damage, look for a pool cover with an included warranty.

Many pool owners rely on a safety pool cover to protect their families and pets from accidental drowning. Not all covers are built to support large amounts of weight, however. A strong cover with a break strength of a few thousand pounds is ideal. Most pool covers you can walk on are also secured to the concrete surrounding the pool with reliable hardware, which ensures that it will be kept in place even under significant pressure.

An ASTM certification is a fantastic quality for a pool cover to have, especially for anyone desiring a cover you can walk on. ASTM International tests a variety of products from across the globe for dependability, ensuring that each certified product meets an extensive set of standards. ASTM rated covers are known to be strong enough to walk on; you can feel confident using this type of cover around children and pets.

Product Overview

The Blue Wave 14-ft x 28-ft Rectangular In-Ground Pool Safety Cover offers a multitude of great features. It is comprised of two-ply mesh with reinforced wear strips, multi-seamed stitching, and has a burst strength of over 4,000 pounds. This pool safety cover can support the weight of several people at once, and is backed by a 12-year warranty.

In spite of its durable material, this pool cover is designed to be lightweight, allowing for simple installation that takes five minutes at the most. The brass anchors, stainless steel springs, and installation tool are all included, along with a handy storage bag. Especially helpful for use in the winter months, this mesh cover protects your pool from leaves and debris, but allows for water from rain or snow to seep through.


The Blue Wave 14-ft by 28-ft Rectangular In-Ground Pool Safety Cover has been designed to outlast severe weather conditions and heavy loads of weight, making it a dependable option for pool owners of all kinds. With a brass anchoring system and high-quality mesh material, this pool safety cover will stay in place and filter out debris, helping to ease the stress of maintaining a clean pool. In addition, the 12-year warranty coupled with multi-seamed stitching and reinforced wear strips ensure a long lifespan for this pool cover, protecting you from the frustration of purchasing a replacement.

This pool cover from Blue Wave is highly convenient. Not only can it be set up and taken down in just five minutes, but it also allows for water drainage, eliminating the need for a pump. Without the hassle of standing water, uninstallation of the cover in the spring will be a breeze.


Selling for $445.49, the Blue Wave 14-ft by 28-ft Rectangular In-Ground Pool Safety Cover is a great value. The only downfall of this highly rated product is that it does not advertise a rating from ASTM. But, considering that it has a break strength of over 4,000 pounds, this product is still a good way to make your pool more safe and secure.


The Blue Wave 14-ft by 28-ft Rectangular In-Ground Pool Safety Cover is popular among consumers for its well-made design and high level of convenience. Not only is it simple to install, but it also makes for an easy removal process at the end of the off-season. With this pool safety cover from Blue Wave, you can keep your pool cleaner, your family safer, and your mind at ease.

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