Coleman Miami Inflatable Spa Hot Tub Review 2018

Inflatable hot tubs are a less expensive alternative to in-ground or hard hot tubs. They not only cost less to initially purchase, but also require fewer maintenance costs over time. They require no external plumbing and can be plugged into any standard outlet without causing any damage. They are a great way to unwind after a hard day’s work or to ease the tension and soreness of joints and muscles.

Many companies are realizing the growing popularity of inflatable hot tubs among consumers. One such company is Coleman. The Coleman brand has long been associated with camping gear and inflatable products made for ease of use and convenience. It is dedicated to providing products that help you relax and enjoy life. Its inflatable spas offer the same simple and grand experience. They are built for comfort, easy to set up, and are completely portable.

Criteria For A Great Inflatable Hot Tub

An inflatable has the unique challenge of needing to be comfortable, portable, and durable. It should be able to withstand regular wear and tear, without being rigid and uncomfortable. This can be difficult to achieve and one quality often takes precedence over the others. However, a well-made inflatable spa should be able to meet all three of these qualifications, while still being affordable for consumers.

A great inflatable hot tub should also offer a complete relaxation. It should be able to reach and maintain a comfortable and safe heat. It should also have some type of air bubbles or jets to provide a massage-like feeling while you soak. The walls should offer comfort and support as well. An exceptional hot tub will also have some way of controlling the water temperature and features without having to leave the tub.

Coleman Miami Product Overview

The Coleman Miami Inflatable Spa Hot Tub features sixty surrounding air jets and can seat up to four people comfortably. It has a built in filtration system that helps keep the water clean and uncontaminated. It also has a digital control panel on the side of the tub that controls the temperature, which can reach up to one hundred and four degrees Fahrenheit. It can hold up to one hundred and ninety-two gallons of water. It is a plug and play model that can be plugged into any standard outlet.

The inflatable spa is made from durable PVC and has an I-Beam construction, which allows you to lean against the walls comfortably without losing the shape of the tub. It has a black exterior and a blue and white-checkered interior. It comes with a chemical floater for clean water, two extra filter cartridges, an inflatable cover, and an instructional DVD.

Coleman Miami Pros and Cons


Like any Coleman product, the Miami Inflatable Spa is made to withstand the wear and tear it is bound to face. The sixty surrounding air jets found in the Coleman Miami Spa are a great feature when you’re looking for a relaxing experience. The spa is easy to set up and maintain as well. According to reviews, it takes around twenty to thirty minutes to initially set up and about thirty minutes to fill with water. Many reviews complained about how long it takes to heat, but at an average of eighteen hours, it actually heats faster than most other spas.

Another pro of the Coleman Miami Spa is the customer service that accompanies it. Several reviews talked about how easy it was to contact customer support and how accommodating they were. The issues were quickly addressed and taken care of. The company was even willing to send brand new models to those who complained of leaks or manufacturing flaws.


The hot tub has two handles, which make it easy to move when it is empty. However, this doesn’t really help if you want to move it when it’s full. The weight of the water would make it too heavy for only two people. Also, while the air bubbles offer a relaxing feeling, they can only run when the heat is turned off. This leads to dropping temperatures, which can be frustrating because of how long it takes to gain the heat back. Reviewers also ran into the common issue of small leaks resulting in deflation of the tub over time.


The Coleman Miami Inflatable Spa Hot Tub is not the best inflatable hot tub on the market, but it is certainly a contender. It is a less expensive option and can hold its own against most competing inflatable spas. This spa offers comfort, portability, and durability, all while maintaining a lower price than many competing inflatable spas. If you are thinking about purchasing an inflatable hot tub, this one will make an excellent starter spa.

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