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Let's face it; nobody wants leaves, dirt, and slime in their pool. A good pool vacuum can make your life much easier, and most such products should be able to handle cleaning both in-ground and aboveground pools without any fuss. Robotic pool vacuums are the most popular and most versatile, with the ability to clean all dirt, leaves, sand off both pool walls and the pool floor. Robotic pool cleaners do not need to remain in the pool permanently which increases their longevity; all you need is an electricity port near your pool.

Buying Guide

What you need to take into consideration before choosing the best pool cleaner for you:

Pool Type: What kind of pool do you have?

Look for a vacuum that can cope with the material of your pool, whether it is tile, fiberglass, or concrete. You may choose a pool vacuum specifically for in-ground pools or specifically for aboveground pools. Most vacuums should be able to clean both without fuss.

Pool Size: How big is your pool?

Pretty straightforward, the vacuum hose needs to reach from one end of your pool to another. For those with large pools, some vacuums may have the option of extender hose attachments. Obviously, disregard this point if you are going with a cordless pool vacuum!

Pool Shape: Does your pool have lots of ledges and steps?

Some of the more basic products, unfortunately, cannot handle navigating stairs and ledges much less cleaning them. Some high-tech pool vacuums use spatial mapping to navigate the pool and ensure every corner is reached; these kinds are more suited for those tricky shaped pools. Some may choose to have an additional manual cleaner for those tricky spots.

Budget: How much are you willing to spend?

Many may see a pool vacuum, especially higher end ones, as an investment. If you have a large budget, buying from a well-known brand is a smart move, since that will guarantee high quality. Many well-known brands have options for a tighter budget; cheaper pool vacuums may require more work (manual or emptying of filter and skimmer box).

Dolphin Nautilus Robotic Cleaner

What’s On Offer?

What makes this product stand out is first and foremost its very modest price for the features it boasts. This product sits midway within the usual range for semi-professional robotic pool vacuums at $625. It is the most basic model of the Dolphin range, which includes vacuum cleaners ranging up to the $3000 mark for Olympic pools. For the average residential pool, this is more than efficient. The most attractive feature of this pool cleaner and perhaps the most impressive is its 2.5-hour cleaning cycle. It's as simple as putting your robotic cleaner in the pool before dinner, just before bed you can take it out and voilá! Your pool is ready for use!

Dolphin is easily one of the most trusted and popular brands of pool vacuum cleaners; it does come at a price but for most it’s a reasonable investment. Its quality and longevity has satisfied many pool owners. One of the special features that Dolphin products boast is their environmental efficiency. Dolphin products are 90% energy efficient, which will help save on those energy bills and save on chemicals. This product has been designed to use the absolute bare minimum of energy, to save the environment and save you $$.

The main competitors are cleaners by Hayward and Aquabot, which some customers prefer over Dolphin products. However, most reviews would say otherwise. Most Hayward and Aquabot robotic cleaners sit around the $500 mark. However, they are not practical for cleaning large (50ft) swimming pools like the Dolphin can. It boasts an impressive tangle-free 60m hose to reach medium to large pools with ease.

This product may be the most fundamental of the Dolphin range. However, it does not skimp on modern technology, with High-Tech self-programming scanning allowing it to tackle pools of any shape and size (without steps). No need to worry, the Dolphin will navigate your pool and get into those nooks and crannies without breaking a sweat!

To summarize:


  • modest price​
  • versatile, tackling any pool shapes and sizes both aboveground and in-ground with ease
  • No installation required, plug in and let the cleaning begin
  • 24-month warranty, for peace of mind
  • 2.5-hour cleaning cycle


  • need an electrical port (hopefully, you will have one beside your pool, for those who are unlucky get the extension cords out!)​
  • need to clear filter (this vacuum does not come with an additional filter so be sure to keep an eye on your filter box while cleaning. However, finer debris will be captured by pool filter!)
  • cannot climb steps (some pool owners will own a small manual vacuum to tackle problem areas if this is you don’t pass on this product)

Wrap Up

This product seems to hit all the nails on their heads with the criteria. It’s hard to find unsatisfied customers who have given bad reviews and not recommend this product or this brand. This product is well worth the money for pools big and small, in-ground and aboveground.

Remember, regular pool cleaning will reduce the need for extra maintenance of your pool and increase its longevity.

Happy cleaning!

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