Review Of GLI’s 14 x 28 ft. Rectangle Mesh Safety Pool Cover

Swimming pool covers are a singularly useful product, providing a variety of benefits and streamlining the tedious pool cleaning process. While a pool is not in use, it is not only susceptible to evaporation and all types of debris, but it also poses the risk of accidental drowning. Fortunately, there is currently a wide array of pool safety covers available, many including advanced features and capabilities to benefit all types of pool owners. One such product is the 14 x 28 ft. Rectangle Mesh Safety Pool Cover from GLI Pool Products, a highly rated and affordable option in the realm of top quality pool covers. Continue reading for an overview of this popular pool care product and see why it made our list of the best pool covers you can walk on.


When it comes to pool covers, there are many qualities to look for in order to ensure a product’s value. To start, consider the material of the cover. Most covers available today are made out of either a solid material, such as vinyl or plastic, or some form of mesh. Solid covers are often very affordable, and while they function adequately in keeping out sunlight and debris, they are often more prone to damage. Also, solid covers are rarely capable of supporting enough weight to be walked on. Mesh covers, on the other hand, are frequently designed to be safe to walk on. The other main difference between these two types of material is water drainage; mesh covers allow for water to drain through, while solid covers to not. So, solid covers will require the use of a pump to remove standing water from the top of the cover. While mesh covers do not present the hassle of water removal, the water that drains through may cause the pool water to be temporarily cloudy in the spring.

During the winter months, swimming pools can pose a threat to pets and young children. To protect against this hazard, a pool cover must be strong enough to support large amounts of weight. ASTM-certified pool covers can be trusted to keep your family and pets safe from falls and other accidents. ASTM International is an organization which evaluates a wide array of products for quality and dependability. To be sure that a pool cover is durable enough to handle heavy loads, make sure that it has been tested and approved by ASTM.

The main function of a pool cover is to protect your pool from evaporation and screen out unwanted debris while it is not in use. To do this effectively, the cover must have an efficient system of installation which tightly secures it to the pool, ensuring that it will stay in place, even throughout wind and storms. Many covers can even be anchored to the surrounding concrete with sturdy hooks. To withstand the winter months, a cover must also be able to handle snow, rain, and wind. An included warranty is a good indicator that a cover is built to last through multiple years of harsh weather conditions.

​Product Overview

The 14 x 28 ft. Rectangle Mesh Safety Pool Cover is a leading model from GLI Pool Products, boasting a 5-star rating on Amazon and selling for under $500. The cover is forest green in color and comprised of two-ply mesh material that supports up to 4,000 pounds of weight. The heavy-duty mesh is also built to withstand mildew, rot, and chemical damage, as well as the negative effects of sun exposure. This cover drains rain and melted snow through the surface, but keeps leaves and debris out of the pool water, making for a simpler cleaning process upon removal.

This pool cover is held firmly in place by included brass anchors, which attach to concrete decks. Stainless steel springs, an installation tool, and a convenient storage bag are also included with your purchase.

The 14 x 28 ft. Rectangle Mesh Safety Pool Cover is ASTM rated and comes with a 12-year warranty. The photo provided below demonstrates what this pool cover will look like once installed.

Pros And Cons

GLI Pool Products is a trusted company that puts out several top-notch pool care products, and the 14 x 28 ft. Rectangle Mesh Safety Pool Cover is no exception. With this pool cover, you can feel confident that your family is safe from dangerous falls or other accidents; the ASTM-rated mesh material is strong enough to easily support the weight of several people. This pool cover is also built to last through extreme weather, rot, mildew, sunlight, and whatever else nature throws its way. Excess water from rain and snow will drain through the mesh, saving you the trouble of cleaning up collected water. The included 12-year warranty protects you from having to purchase another cover due to damage.

While ideal for use during the winter, this safety cover is used by many pool owners throughout the year to maintain a cleaner, more secure pool. Considering that you will get years of use out of this highly functional product, the price tag is very reasonable, as well as competitive among other products in the field.

Before purchasing this great pool cover, it is essential that you make sure it will fit the dimensions of your swimming pool. The cover is designed to fit a rectangular pool with square corners and three feet of concrete deck surrounding the perimeter of the pool. Also, this cover is not built for pools with step sections. If your pool does not fit that description, the 14 x 28 ft. Rectangle Mesh Safety Pool Cover is not a good fit for you.


Swimming pool covers are an convenient way for people to maintain their pools during the off-season. The 14 x 28 ft. Rectangle Mesh Safety Pool Cover from GLI Pool Products not only keeps dirt, debris, and sunlight out of the water, but also eliminates the risk of accidental drowning. This well-made, dependable product is an excellent option to consider for owners of swimming pools with compatible dimensions.

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