Review Of 16’x32’ Blue Mesh Rectangle Inground Safety Pool Cover

Swimming pool covers are an essential part of any pool owner’s maintenance routine. These products offer many different benefits, but serve mainly to protect a pool while it is not in active use. As experienced pool owners will know, a high-quality pool cover keeps out undesired debris, protects the water from evaporation, and is able to withstand the harsher winter elements like rain and snow. For many, a pool cover you can walk on top of is necessary. With children and pets around a swimming pool during the off-season, the risk of accidental drowning is a common fear. Luckily, there are many pool covers on the market today which can support several thousand pounds of weight, making the pool area safe for everyone. Read on to learn about the 16’x32’ Blue Mesh Rectangle Inground Safety Pool Cover, one of the leading pool cover products for sale today.


Before you purchase a cover to protect your swimming pool, it is best to make sure it meets certain criteria. The material of a pool cover is very important as it determines its strength, durability, and functionality. One common material is mesh, which can come in many varieties. Lightweight mesh covers may function well to keep out unwelcome debris, but are not built to support significant amounts of weight. Some mesh covers, however, are described as two- or three-ply. This refers to the number of layers that the mesh is comprised of. Three-ply is the strongest, but two-ply is quite sturdy as well, and either option will provide protection in case of accidental falls. High-quality mesh covers are usually secured to the concrete area surrounding the swimming pool, which is a very dependable form of installation. Inexpensive covers, such as those comprised of polyethylene, are less durable, will break under large amounts of weight, and can’t be anchored as securely as other options.

Most swimming pool owners use a pool cover primarily during the winter months, when the pool is not in use. So, a good pool cover needs to be resistant to harsh weather, including rain, snow, and wind. Rain and snow can pose a problem for pools. Mesh covers will allow for excess water to drain through. This is very convenient, as you will not have to install a pump to remove standing water. However, mesh covers can leave pool water cloudy for a few days upon removal in the spring. The other option is a solid cover. These models do not allow for water drainage, so you will have to find a way to deal with any standing water before removing the cover. However, these covers won’t allow rain or snow to mix with the pool water, resulting in clearer water in the spring.

The highest-caliber pool covers available are ASTM certified. This means that the product has been tested and is trusted by ASTM International, a worldwide organization which sets product standards in safety and quality. ASTM functions to inform consumers of the dependability of a product. Many people require a pool cover which can be walked on. If you fall under this category, it is critical that the pool cover you purchase has been rated by ASTM. Otherwise, you can’t be fully sure that the cover is safe to support the weight of a person.

Product Overview

The 16’x32’ Blue Mesh Rectangle Inground Safety Pool Cover is a popular product by a leading pool care brand, GLI Pool Products. This pool cover is made from super strong 3-ply mesh, making it one of the most durable options on the market. GLI Pool Products has incorporated an increased weave count to this model for additional sturdiness. The polypropylene webbing has a burst strength of 4,000 pounds, exceeding ASTM standards. This cover was also built to withstand the most extreme climates in North America.

This safety pool cover offers a system of installation that takes only a few short minutes, and all of the needed hardware is included. Without the installation rod, one is unable to tamper with the cover or enter the pool, protecting you from intruders. The cover also keeps out dirt, leaves, and debris, but allows for melted snow and rain to seep through.

The 16’x32’ Blue Mesh Rectangle Inground Safety Pool Cover has an included 12-year warranty. Check out the design of this pool cover in the image below:

Pros And Cons

The 16’x32’ Blue Mesh Rectangle Inground Safety Pool Cover is one of the highest quality pool covers available, and sells for under $500; it is unlikely that you will find a less expensive alternative that offers the same range of impressive features. While there are multiple mesh pool covers that boast 2-ply mesh, this cover’s 3-ply mesh material sets it apart, reaching a new level of strength and reliability. You can trust this product to support the weight of your entire family, easing the fear of accidental drowning.

Many pools owners struggle to control intruders and unwanted swimmers. This safety pool cover features an ingenious design which blocks entry without the installation rod. This way, your pool stays completely secure until you choose to uninstall the cover.

If you live in a climate which becomes harsh and severe in the winter months, this cover could be a great option for you. It has been built to last through extreme weather conditions. Snow and rain will flow through the mesh material, so you don’t have to worry about pumping out any standing water, which often gets dirty as it sits atop a cover. Uninstallation in the spring will be a breeze, the process only taking a few minutes.

This pool cover from GLI Pool Products is one you can trust. It has exceeded the ASTM standards for safety, as well as earned a 5-star customer review. In addition, the included 12-year warranty should give you peace of mind in knowing that it is an excellent investment toward the safety of your family, as well as to the upkeeping of your swimming pool.


Not all swimming pool covers are made equal; with so many different options on the current market, it can be difficult to know which products you can trust. The 16’x32’ Blue Mesh Rectangle Inground Safety Pool Cover is not only strong, but also designed to simplify your life with advanced, thoughtful features not found in its competitors. With this pool safety cover, you can feel confident that your pool, and your family, are completely secure.

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