Intex Floating Battery-powered LED Pool Light Review

Lighting your pool is important. First and foremost, it is much safer. Heaven forbid, if someone falls in, has an emergency, or needs help, you can see them quickly and help them faster. Pool lighting is not just functional, though. It is also an easy, cheap way to spruce up your backyard and make it look party-ready.

While lighting is typically built into in-ground pools when they are installed, aboveground pools are a bit trickier. They must be stored for the better part of the year, and lights do not come ready attached. In spite of the challenges, it is not that hard to find a light for your aboveground pool that is perfect for your needs. But before we dive into our Intex Floating LED Pool Light Review let’s go over the standards for a good aboveground pool light.​

What We Looked For In The Intex Floating LED Pool Light

There are many things an aboveground pool light must have in order to be considered worth purchasing. There are also several features that are sometimes included that go above and beyond and set a pool light above its competition.

One of the things you need to consider before buying a light is the power source. If it plugs in, how much power does it use? If it runs on batteries, how long do the batteries last? Are the batteries rechargeable? A battery-powered light needs to provide enough light to last from sundown to the end of your party. Getting a light that lasts at least eight hours is preferable, as it will illuminate your pool all night. Batteries should also preferably be rechargeable. In the 21st century, buying batteries seems a bit antiquated, and it is expensive and wasteful.

A pool light must also be bright. You should never have to buy more than one light for your pool unless it is very large. Lastly, the way the light stays in the pool is important. Some lights attach to the walls and some float around. One style is not particularly superior to the other, but most people have a preference, and you should consider what yours is before buying.

Some other features that set a light apart are different lighting setting and colors, being useful for other purposes than just pool lighting, or automatic shut-offs.​

Intex Floating LED Pool Light Product Overview

The Intex Floating LED Pool Light is bright and durable. It illuminates pools up to 18 feet long. It can shine a simple white light, or create a colorful lightshow on the bottom of your pool. You can also choose to have the color-changer and the bright white light on simultaneously. It is easy to operate and switch between the modes, with simple button presses performing all the key functions. It floats around in the pool, making it easy to install and remove.

This light is powered by four AAA batteries that you must provide yourself. It has an auto shutdown feature built in, so it turns off automatically after two hours of being left alone. The battery life varies greatly depending on the batteries you put in. The best batteries will get you 24 hours of light, while the cheaper batteries will last only 3-4 hours. It may seem expensive and cumbersome, but you can buy rechargeable batteries so they won’t keep racking up a bill.​

Intex Floating LED Pool Light Pros And Cons

The Intex Floating LED Pool Light is one of the most popular aboveground pool lights on the market today. It is easy to see why. There are a lot of wonderful things about this light. First of all, it is made by Intex. Intex is one of the leading brands in aboveground pools and accessories. They make durable, high quality products that can stand up to the pool and the wear of kids kicking around in it. This light last a long time.

The different lighting options are another great part of this light. It is rare to find a good quality pool light that can both provide a floodlight and a color lightshow. The floodlight is excellent for safety purposes, while the colored lights provide a fun ambiance.

While it is odd in this day and age to have an electronic device that takes batteries, it is not entirely a bad thing in this case. Sure, if you buy normal batteries it would certainly get obnoxious, but buying rechargeable batteries gives you a little more freedom. If you buy two sets of rechargeable batteries, you can have one set always charged. This is a distinct advantage over other lights that may not be able to hold a charge all night. They will then have to be taken out of the water and hooked up to the charger, leaving your pool dark and creepy. The auto shut-off is a great battery-saving feature that greatly extends the life of your batteries.

One slight disadvantage to this light is the brightness. While the product claims to illuminate a pool up to 18-feet, that figure might be a bit generous. It also doesn’t account for the fact that the light floats around and is likely to end up stuck on the wall for much of the night. The colored lights are especially dim, providing much more of a novelty ambiance than an actual functional, safety-oriented brightness in your pool. Most people find that buying two or even three of these lights works much better, but that can end up getting a bit pricey.​

Final Verdict On The Intex Floating LED Pool Light

The Intex LED Floating Pool Light is an amazing light for smaller pools. For medium to large sized pools, you may want to buy a second one. It is durable and long lasting with a few great add-ons that your family is sure to love!

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