Intex LED Pool Light Review 2018

If you have shopped around for an above ground pool, then it’s likely you’ve heard the name Intex. Intex is one of the leading brands in above ground pools and pool accessories. They have some of the best quality, longest lasting pool products on the market today. If you buy something from Intex, you can rest assured it will be around for years to come.

In addition to other pool accessories, Intex also sells two lights for above ground pools. Their LED Pool Light is one of the best-selling above ground pool lights on Amazon. Here I will break down why it is so popular, and whether or not it lives up to the hype.


So what makes an above ground pool light stand out from the crowd? There are several different things to consider when buying a light for your above ground pool. First and foremost, the light needs to be bright. It needs to be able to light up your entire pool. You shouldn’t have to buy more than one light unless your pool is very large. Most above ground pools are small enough to be serviced with one light.

Another thing to think about is the way the light is powered. While a light that plugs in never needs to be charged, it can be cumbersome to plug in the light. It could even be a safety hazard, depending on where the cord is running through your yard. On the other hand, if you buy a battery-powered light, you should check how long the battery lasts. A light is pretty pointless if it only illuminates the pool for an hour.

One other thing to consider is the positioning of the light. Lights can either float or be attached to the wall. Floating lights can be a major problem. They don’t stay put, and they can get capsized or get in the way of pool fun. Lights that attach to the wall are more stable and less conspicuous.

Intex LED Pool Light Product Overview

The Intex LED Pool Light is a very bright light that uses very little energy. It puts out more light than a typical 50-watt halogen pool light and can provide enough light for most above ground pools. It does need to be plugged in, which can be bothersome if you don’t have a plug nearby. The cord is 23-feet long, so it should be able to reach anywhere you want it to go. It plugs into a standard 120-volt outlet.

The light is very easy to install. There are two pieces that separate. One goes inside the pool, and the other goes outside the pool. They are held in place with magnets. The power also travels through the magnetic connection between the two pieces. Because of this magnetic connection, this light only works in pools with soft walls. Metal-walled pool owners will have to find something else.

A great feature of the Intex light is that it floats. It shouldn’t have to float, but if it gets knocked off the wall by accident, it will float to the top of the pool. This is way more convenient than diving down to the bottom of the pool and feeling around in the dark to find the light.

Intex LED Pool Light Pros And Cons

This light has lots of great features, but how does it weigh up against the competition? First of all, its brightness is a serious asset. It is very bright, and makes the pool appear to be actually glowing. It is bright enough for most pools to be very brightly lit with only one of these Intext LED lights.

This light plugs in, which saves you the need for batteries. The only problem with this is that the power switch is on the cord. This means that if you are swimming in the pool as the sun is going down, you will have to get out of the pool to turn the light on. It may seem a small thing, but we all know how cold it is to get out of the pool, especially as the sun is going down and the temperature is plummeting.

The light attaches firmly to the wall, and is very hard to knock off. Since it is a very bright light, it can still light the whole pool, even from a fixed, side position. The light will float if knocked loose, which is a great bonus feature that you simply don’t find with other lights.

The best part of this light is that it is great quality. It should last for years, and if anything goes wrong, Intex tends to stand by their products. They have earned a reputation for being a quality brand for a reason. When the bulb does inevitably burn out (which will certainly take several years), Intex sells replacements that are sure to fit perfectly and last for just as long.


Overall, the Intex LED pool light is a great product. It stands out against the other pool lights on the market. It is one of the best pool lights you can buy, and should not let you down.

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