Best Above Ground Pool Review: The Intex Metal Frame Pool Set

When you need a cool oasis for the hot summer months, investing in a good quality pool will be worth your money. Above ground pools have many advantages over in-ground pools. First off, they are a lot less expensive. They are portable so if you need to move to another location, you can disassemble it easily. You can store it away for the winter if you want to. Above ground pools are also quite simple to set up.

When it comes to above ground pools, Intex is the number one brand people turn to. Let’s take a look at their Metal Frame Pool Set.

Criteria For A Great Above Ground Pool


You and your family’s safety is of upmost importance, so any good pool needs to have some safety features. If electricity and water come into contact with one another, the results are dangerous. A great pool will have a safety feature that shuts down the filter pump if something goes wrong and the current gets into contact with the water. This feature ensures the safety of the pool.

Ease Of Setup And Maintenance

​A great above ground pool should be easy to set up. You should be able to set it up in less than an hour. It should also be easy to maintain. If there is a filter pump included, it needs to work efficiently to keep the pool water clear and clean. This will reduce the time and money you need to spend caring for the pool.


An above ground pool needs to be durable enough to last you many years. It needs to be able to withstand cold winters without any damage. For frame pools, steel frames are ideal since they are very sturdy. The lining should be a durable material that will not easily tear.

Cost Effective

Purchasing an above ground pool should not break the bank. On the other hand, very cheap options may be tempting, but be sure to check out the quality of materials. Poor quality materials will result in extra costs on your part to make repairs later.

Product Overview

The Intex Metal Frame Pool Set is one of the best above ground swimming pools on the market. It is easy to set up and you can have it ready to fill with water in just 30 minutes. It can be installed by just one person.

It holds 1,718 gallons of water. The durable PVC side walls are supported by a strong steel frame. The frame has been treated with a coating so that it is rust-resistant. The frame locks into place with no need to use any tools.

This pool set comes with its own filter pump which pumps 530 gallons of water per hour. The dual suction outlet fittings help improve water circulation to keep the water clean.

It has a ground fault circuit interrupter which helps prevent electrical shocks by shutting off the pump automatically if the electrical current is exposed to water. The drain plug is compatible with any garden hose, making it easy to drain water away from the pool area.

This pool also comes in 4 different sizes: 12-feet x 30-inches, 15-feet x 48-inches, 18-feet x 48-inches, and 24- feet x 52-inches

Check out the video below to see the setup process:


Users love that this metal frame set is so easy to set up and can be done by one or two people. This pool is durable and when maintained well, it will last a long time. The strong materials it is made of guarantees you years of use.

The strong PVC walls are tough and do not rip easily.

When covered properly, it can survive harsh winters. You will find a perfectly intact pool when you uncover it for summer months. Alternatively, you can disassemble it for the winter months and assemble it again when the weather starts to get warm. If you prefer to do that, you just connect a garden hose to the drain plug to drain the pool easily.

This pool is designed with the whole family in mind, so it is suitable for young children to use as well as adults.

To ensure your family’s safety, the ground fault circuit interrupter prevents electrical shocks.

The included filter pump comes with a 1-year warranty. Water circulation is improved with the dual suction feature.


The main complaint users have is that the included filter pump is just not powerful enough to keep the pool clean unless it is running very frequently. Many users end up buying another filter pump that is strong enough to keep the pool clean.

The ground must be completely level in the area that you plan to set up the pool. If the pool is installed on uneven ground, the pool frame can become stressed and this causes problems. Making the ground level can be time consuming.


Overall, this Intex Metal Frame Pool Set is a great option for families. It is durable and will last many years. If you purchase this pool, just keep in mind that you will probably have to purchase a stronger filter pump as well. If you don’t want to do this, plan on running the filter pump frequently to keep the pool clean.

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