Intex Portable Inflatable PureSpa Plus Bubble Spa Review 2018

If you’ve already spent any time looking for an inflatable hot tub, Intex is a name you’re most likely already familiar with. Intex has been in the pool, airbed, and spa business for over forty years. It is one of the most trusted and recognizable companies in the industry, with good reason.

Intex works hard to create innovative, high-quality products that are affordable and enjoyable for all of its customers. It has products available in over one hundred countries worldwide and strives to meet and exceed the industry standards. Its inflatable spas are no exception. Intex makes spas to help you relax, sit back, and enjoy the little moments in life.

Criteria For A Great Inflatable Spa

An inflatable hot tub should be easy to assemble and fill. It shouldn’t require extra tools or major preparation prior to set up. It should also be easy to empty and disassemble in the event that you want to take it on a trip or bring it with you if you move. If you’re planning on taking your inflatable spa with you often, you want one that takes up a minor amount of space as well.

Many inflatable hot tubs are poorly put together and don’t last nearly as long as you’d like them to. A great inflatable spa should be well made and should last for an extended period of time. Extra padding and puncture-resistant materials make for a less worrisome and more reliable spa experience. Good construction can also help you feel more relaxed, because you can lean against the wall of the tub without worrying you’ll tip the whole thing over.

Intex PureSpa Plus Product Overview

The Intex Portable Inflatable PureSpa Bubble Spa is large spa that can fit up to six people comfortably and holds up to two hundred and ninety gallons of water. It features one hundred and seventy surrounding bubble jets that can easily be turned on or off using the control panel. This panel also allows you to adjust the heat, which can get up to a maximum temperature of one hundred and four degrees Fahrenheit. This is a plug and play model that can be plugged into any standard outlet.

This inflatable spa has a built-in hard water treatment system built into its filtration system. It is constructed from three-ply PVC and high-strength Fiber-Tech fibers. It has a cobalt blue exterior with a cream-colored interior. The spa comes with an insulated ground cloth, a floating chemical dispenser, a locking cover, and a pump for inflation. It also has a carrying bag for traveling and two inflatable headrests for added comfort.

Intex PureSpa Plus Pros and Cons


This spa comes with plenty of extra features that make it one of the best inflatable hot tubs available on the market today. Among these is the hard water treatment system, which makes this hot tub ideal for well water. This treatment system softens the water, which makes it better for your skin, clothing, and the spa system itself. Softer water equals a longer lasting inflatable spa.

The Intex PureSpa offers sturdy construction as well. Its three-ply laminate PVC is a puncture resistant thirty three-gauge material that helps protect the hot tub from weather and day-to-day damage. It has a beam construction that makes it sturdy to lean against and adds extra reinforcement.

This spa also has the great additions of a locking cover and an insulated ground cloth, both of which help it maintain heat when it’s not in use. It is easy to assemble and disassemble, and it is simple to carry and travel with thanks to the included carrying bag. This bag also helps protect the hot tub when it is in storage.


One of the greatest flaws of the Intex PureSpa is the apparent lack of quality control prior to shipment. A large number of customers complained that the product they initially received had many small leaks, which took away from the enjoyment of the product. These leaks caused deflation and loss of heat. Most of these customers were able to receive a replacement, but this is a frustrating situation regardless.

Another con of this product is the loss of heat while the air bubbles are in use. While these bubbles offer a nice, gentle massage, the enjoyment is lost when the water drops in temperature. Many customers expressed a desire for both the heater and the bubbles to work at the same time.


As far as high-quality, affordable inflatable hot tubs go, the Intex PureSpa is one of the best. It ranks high on any list and is a popular item among consumers. It offers many, if not all, of the qualities that make a portable hot tub so appealing. This is an excellent choice for anyone interested in purchasing a portable hot tub.

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