Main Access Waterproof LED Pool Light Review 2018

If you have a pool, you are likely throwing a lot of pool parties. When having company over, we want our house to look nice and our pool to be safe. A huge part of a pool being safe is having proper lighting for when the sun goes down. While in-ground pools usually have lighting put in when the pool is installed, above ground pools are a little bit more difficult.

Since above ground pools are packed up and stored during the winter, they are lightweight and don’t come with lights already installed. So you’ll have to find a light that will survive being underwater with kicking children, and being stored for months at a time.​

What We Looked For In The Main Access Waterproof LED Light

What makes a good above ground pool light? There are a few things to consider. One of the most common complaints with pool lights is that they can’t take the water. Tiny cracks let in water, the light fills up, and in two weeks it no longer turns on. You need a light that can stay underwater for the entire season without flooding.

Secondly, you should judge a light on its brightness. The most basic function of an above ground pool light is to provide enough light for the pool to be safe to swim in after dark. If the light doesn’t provide enough illumination for you to see what you’re doing, then it’s pretty useless.

Lastly, a light needs to store easily. You are likely not going to have your pool set up year-round. Unless you live in sunny Florida or Southern California, you are probably going to pack your pool up at least six months out of the year. Your pool light needs to get packed up too. If the light is too bulky it won’t store easily. There are also lights that never turn on after a winter in the basement.

Main Access Waterproof LED Light Product Overview

The Main Access Waterproof LED Light is not a pool light in the traditional sense, in fact, it is so much more. This light can float in the pool, illuminate the yard, or even be used as a glowing seat. You can put three or four around the table for an illuminated seating area, or float a few in the pool for floating fairy lights. It is a large 16-inch block. It is seamless, charging by means of an induction charger. It is controlled by a remote that is included. It has 16 different color settings. It also has four different lighting settings: flash, strobe, fade, and smooth.

This light is able to hold a charge for about eight hours. You can charge it during the day, and it will last all night. It’s also able to handle the heat of a hot tub. The light is not very bright; it functions as a bit more of a decorative light than a light intended to actually light the pool. It floats on top of the water and glows. Other floating pool lights will have a bright light directed down into the water.

While this review is specifically of the large 16-inch block, you can also get them in other shapes and sizes. There is a smaller cube and a large sphere. This cube is highly durable and incredibly versatile. It only pulls 6 volts of power to charge, and plugs into any standard charger.

Main Access Waterproof LED Light Pros And Cons

So how does this light satisfy the conditions laid out in our criteria? First of all, it is highly durable in water. It is seamless, so there is virtually no way that the light will ever flood in water. It will never sink, and it won’t melt in a hot tub. In fact, the steam from the spa makes it look extra cool!

As for its brightness, this light doesn’t really perform as a functional light. While it does provide a pleasant glow, it’s not really a safety light. You wouldn’t be able to use it to see the bottom of a standard-sized pool; although, it can illuminate the faces of the people in the pool. Several of them can float in the pool, thus alerting people to the location of the pool, but it will never light up all the water in the pool. This is most certainly a decorative novelty item, rather than a functional pool light. However, as a fun party decoration, it is definitely doing an awesome job!

The last criteria is storage capability. While this light might be difficult to store, as it is rather large, storing it isn’t necessary. This light is so versatile, that you can find a use for it year-round. It is a little on the pricey side, but it is an item you could use every single night in one way or another. There is definitely no need to ever pack it away.

Final Verdict On The Main Access Waterproof LED Light

If you are looking for a new way to spice up your backyard, this Main Access light is a great option. Your pool will look snazzy with these lights. This light is not right for you if you are looking for a bright, functional pool light, but these are fun way to make your pool snazzy for the summer, and still stay useful all year long.

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