The SmartPool NC22 SmartKleen Review

Automatic pool cleaners have become a pool owner’s best friend. Gone are the days where you’d have to spend many laborious hours manually cleaning your pool to remove dirt and debris.

Designed to do all of the work for you, automatic pool cleaners keep your pool sparkling clean with hardly any effort on your part.

One popular above-ground pool vacuum is the SmartPool NC22 SmartKleen robotic pool cleaner. Robotic pool cleaners are one of the most popular types of pool cleaners for their efficiency.

Robotic pool cleaners clean large as well as small debris, making them ideal for use in all kinds of pools.

Let’s take a closer look at the SmartPool NC22 SmartKleen robotic pool cleaner.

Criteria For A Great Above-Ground Pool Cleaner

Any great pool cleaner needs to live up to its description and clean your pool thoroughly. Robotic pool cleaners need to be able to clean up all kinds of debris: both small and large. They should function completely on their own, you will just have to switch them on.

Robotic pool cleaners need to have good navigation technology so that they do not get stuck when they get near walls, steps, or ladders.

​Any great robotic cleaner should be able to thoroughly clean your pool in 2 hours or less and have an auto shut-off feature so that you don’t have to worry about coming back to switch it off.

It should be able to clean all kinds of pool surfaces and pool shapes. Even large pools can be cleaned in just a couple of hours by a good pool vacuum.

Many pool cleaners run off the pool’s existing filtration system. This can cause problems because if your system isn’t strong enough, the vacuum will not be able to clean your pool well. Pool vacuums that have their own filtration system have a huge advantage since they will cause no strain to your pump and filter.

Product Overview

The SmartKleen NC22 cleans the floor and lower basin of above and in-ground pools. It can be used on pool floors of all materials including vinyl liners, concrete, and fiberglass. As it moves along the pool floor, it scrubs up the dirt and then vacuums it up.

Featuring intelligent navigation technology, the SmartKleen does not require walls to change direction. It also does not waste time climbing walls, but sticks to floor cleaning.

While many other types of pool cleaners rely on your pools filtration system to do their work, the SmartKleen has its own built-in pump and filter so that there is no wear and tear on your pool’s system.

After 2-hours of cleaning, this robotic cleaner automatically shuts off to save energy.

One thing that really stands out about the SmartKleen is its revolutionary lightweight design. It also comes with a 2-year limited warranty.

The SmartKleen NC22 has an extra large filter bag and the it’s machine washable. It comes with a 40 foot power cord.

Check out the video below to see the NC22 in action:


SmartPool NC22

Users really like that the SmartKleen doesn’t require any assembly; you can start using it right away. It is easy to clean, you just take out the filter bag and remove the debris.

According to user reviews, it thoroughly cleans their pools in 1-2 hours. It picks up all kinds of debris including bigger things like leaves and acorns as well as fine dirt.

The SmartKleen NC22 has its own filtration system which prevents any strain on your pool’s existing pump and filter. It can clean even large pools with ease.

Users also report that this handy little robot has a great navigation system. It climbs easily from the deep to shallow end, moves around wrinkles and bumps, and navigates around stairs and ladders without getting stuck.


The major complaint users have is that the power cord gets easily tangled. This means that every time you use the cleaner, you will probably have to spend some time detangling the cord.

The SmartKleen only cleans the floor and does not clean the walls. However, many users have reported that it does clean up the walls partway.


The SmartKleen NC22 is a bit of an investment but will make your life as a pool owner so much easier. Time is money, and it will certainly save you a lot of time and energy. You will be able to have crystal clear water in your pool all the time without putting in any manual labor. The SmartKleen NC22 can be any pool owner’s new best friend.

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