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Let's face it nobody wants and likes leaves, dirt, and slime in their pool. A good pool vacuum can make your life much easier, and most products should handle cleaning both in-ground and aboveground pools without any fuss. There are various types of pool vacuums manual and automatic. The automatic pool cleaner range is vaster and more popular. This featured product is a suction vacuum, one type of the conventional top 5 automatic pool vacuum cleaners. I’ll give you a quick run through of how suction pool cleaner work.

Suction Cleaners

Suction cleaners are attached to the skimmer; they utilize suction created from the filtration system to attach to the bottom floor of your pool. This type of pool vacuum is best at cleaning fine particles such as dirt and sand as they are sucked directly into the pool filter, meaning they are more efficient than pool cleaners with bags. Suction cleaners can be left in the pool, and you need to monitor the skimming box and empty as required.

Pool Vacuum Buying Guide

What you need to know: before choosing the best pool cleaner for you.

Pool Type

What Kind Of Pool Do You Have?

Look for a vacuum that can cope with the material of your pool, whether it is tiles, fiberglass, and concrete. You may choose a pool vacuum specifically for in-ground pools or specifically for aboveground pools. Most vacuums should be able to clean both without fuss.

Pool Size

How Big Is Your Pool?

Pretty straightforward, the vacuum hose needs to reach from one end of your pool to another. For those with large pools, some vacuums may have the option of extender hose attachments. Obviously, disregard this point if you are going with a cordless pool vacuum!

Pool Shape

Does Your Pool Have Lots Of Ledges And Steps?

Some of the more basic products, unfortunately, can’t handle navigating stairs and ledges but also cleaning them well. Some high-tech pool vacuums use spatial mapping to navigate the pool and ensure every corner is reached more suited for those tricky shaped pools. Some may choose to have an additional manual cleaner for those tricky spots. If this is you, disregard this too!


How Much Are You Willing To Spend?

Many may see a pool vacuum especially those towards the higher end of the price scale as an investment. If you have a large budget, a well-known brand, which offers no doubt the high quality, is a smart move. Many well-known brands have options towards the smaller side of a budget; cheaper pool vacuums may require more work (manual or emptying of filter and skimmer box). Which for some is a little price to pay?

Zodiac Baracuda G3 Suction Cleaner

What’s On Offer?

Zodiac is well known for all things pools, pool cleaners but pool chemicals, pumps and automation options for all pools. Zodiac has products on the market for each automatic pool cleaner type, and it has robotic pool cleaner models, suction cleaner models and of course pressure cleaner models. Many pool owners will have used one of Zodiac’s products and hence has created a cult following. This high power pressure vacuum has received rave reviews and for good reasons. Zodiac has a wide range of suction cleaners on offer ranging from basic low-tech (but effective) to the high-tech racecar looking suction cleaners.

This product sits within the middle range for pressure pool vacuums at $251.77, with most high-tech competitors sitting around the $400 - $500 mark. It is the middle model of the Zodiac suction cleaner’s range, before reaching the high-end racecar looking models. The most attractive feature is it’s versatility, in not only its ability to clean any pool but its efficiency in targeting small to medium debris straight into the pool filter. The Baracuda can clean both in-ground and aboveground pools of all shapes, sizes and materials.

The Zodiac Baracuda boasts a 39 feet hose to reach any small to medium pool with no need to remove or reposition and it can even be used under your pool cover. Its powerful suction cleans your pools floor, walls, steps and ledges!

The main competitor for pressure cleaners hands down is XtremepowerUS a relatively new brand, which is on par with popularity however inferior on reviews. Zodiac has several suction cleaners on the market, but none stand up to the Baracuda G3. Customer reviews and popularity say it all, take a look at the pros and cons and see for yourself.

In summary:


  • No electrical port required!​
  • Versatile, tackling any in-ground pool shapes and sizes with ease.
  • Anti-tangle design. With the in-the-line back-up valve automatically freeing the cleaner if it gets cornered.
  • Attached pool filter screen captures small to medium debris, whereas other automatic pool cleaners collect medium to large debris with an additional filter.
  • Two step installation
  • Tackles pool floor, walls, steps and ledges


  • Relies on pool pump. May place stress on historical pool pumps, generally most pool pumps handle the Baracuda with ease!
  • You need to keep an eye on your pool’s skimmer box and filter to ensure it remains unblocked to ensure the longevity of your pools pump.
  • Cannot handle large debris such as leaves and pebbles. If you don’t mind a little bit of manual work with the pool pole than this may still be for you. Sorry to those with overhanging trees!

Wrap Up

Whether you're specifically looking for a suction pool cleaner or not this model should tick all the boxes for your pool type, pool size, pool shape and perhaps budget. With years of experience of all things pool, you will receive nothing short of high quality and efficiency from the Zodiac Baracuda G3. No wonder it made our top pool vacuum buying guide.

Remember regular pool cleaning will reduce the overall maintenance of your pool and increase its longevity.

Happy cleaning!

Product images sourced from Amazon.com​

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