Zodiac’s Ranger Suction Side Automatic Pool Cleaner Review

Above-ground pool vacuums have been making the lives of pool owners much easier. Since manual vacuums leave require a lot of hands-on labor, especially if you have a larger pool, automatic pool vacuums have become increasingly popular.

Automatic pool vacuums have a large range in price, and some can be quite pricey. If you are looking for a more affordable option, suction side automatic pool vacuums are a great choice. Suction side pool vacuums work with your pool’s existing filter system to clean up debris. Make sure that your pump and filter are strong enough to work with a suction side pool vacuum, though.

One of the best suction side pool vacuums is the Baracuda Zodiac Ranger. Baracuda has long been a leader when it comes to pool vacuums. In 1976, the first Baracuda automatic swimming pool cleaner was invented. It was one of the very first automatic pool cleaners. In the early 1980’s Baracuda came up with a new technology to allow for quieter operation and better maneuverability.​

Besides pool cleaners, Baracuda also produces a range of pool equipment and chemicals to keep your pool clean. Their products are high quality but also affordable and easy to use.​

Criteria For A Great Above-Ground Pool Vacuum

Efficient Cleaning

The whole point of getting an automatic pool vacuum is to clean your pool without much manual labor on your part. Any good pool vacuum should clean thoroughly in a reasonable amount of time. It needs to clear a wide enough path to get the cleaning done without taking too much time. It should do a good job at cleaning up whichever kind of debris it is designed to remove, whether large or small.

Good Navigation

A great pool vacuum needs to be able to navigate around steps, ladders, and corners without getting stuck. It should not get stuck by walls either. You should not have to babysit it. You should be able to leave it on its own to do its job.


No one wants to shell out a good amount of money for a pool vacuum only to have to pay more money later to fix a broken part. A good pool vacuum needs to be durable and give you many years of use. The fewer moving parts it has, the lesser the chance of something breaking.

Product Overview

The Baracuda Zodiac Ranger is a suction side pool vacuum that connects directly to the skimmer and pool’s pump system. It comes pre-assembled and with 32 feet of hose to make setup easy. It effectively cleans above-ground pools but is not recommended to use on Intex or soft-sided pools.

It has just one moving part so that it runs smoothly and quietly, without making any annoying clicking noises. Since it doesn’t have many moving parts, maintenance is also kept to a minimum.

The FlowKeeper™ valve and Insta-Skim self-adjusting flow control valve automatically regulate water flow. This ensures that the pool vacuum and pump run smoothly. Unlike other pool cleaners, the Baracuda Zodiac Ranger does not need a booster pump in order to clean the pool floor.

The deflector wheel enables the cleaner to navigate around steps, ladders, and corners without getting stuck. The AG Disc allows the Ranger to move smoothly along the bottom of your pool, up the sides, and around the steps to clean the whole pool.

The Baracuda Ranger is designed to clean up dirt, leaves, and pebbles. It can work with almost any size filter pump and is easy to use and maintain. It also comes with a 1-year warranty.


According to user reviews, the Baracuda Zodiac Ranger is very easy to put together. It is affordable and cleans well. It runs smoothly and does not make any annoying noises while working. This is an advantage it has over the Pentair Kreepy Krauly, since some users complain that it makes an annoying clicking sound.

Users also report that the Baracuda Ranger cleans the pool in just a couple of hours.​


One thing about this above ground pool vacuum is that it requires that you clean the pool's filter more often. Another complaint is that it will follow the same path so its sometimes does not cover certain areas of the pool. You also have to remove big leaves from the skimmer so that it does not get clogged and cause the Zodiac Ranger to stop working.​


Overall, the Baracuda Zodiac Ranger is a simple and affordable suction side automatic cleaner. It has a few drawbacks but these can be dealt with. Remember not to use the Baracuda Zodiac Ranger on wrinkled vinyl liners since it will cause more damage.

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