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Going for a camping adventure in winter is surely one of the best things in the world. Few things in life can beat the feeling of being in the wilderness, the wind and the nature around you. However, a perfect adventure can become a total failure if you don't pick a good camping blanket. Picking a camping blanket that is itchy, or not warm enough would make any trip unbearable. And if it can't take rain? It could even be dangerous, being in a cold weather with a moist blanket. Since we want to avoid those scenarios, we've been hard at work to help you. So, we picked the top five among them, so you won't need to worry about taking the best camping blanket you can and make the most of your trip.

Best Camping Blanket 2018

1. Mambe Extreme - Best Camping Blanket 2018

If you're looking for warm blankets for camping, look no further. This reliable, large camping blanket has Radiant Heat Reflective Lining to keep body temperature, so it's warm and perfect for trips with cold weather. It is windproof as well, and it has a high-quality fleece, so you will be warm in all of the elements. This brand is famous for making some of the best camping blankets out there, so be sure to include it in your list.

This wool camping blanket has everything you could ask from a camping blanket. It is also soft, not scratchy like most woolen blankets are, and it's very warm, too. Also, it's designed to resist the elements, and it will keep you warm even if it gets moist. This blanket will keep you warm and safe if you're camping, backpacking or boating, and it also is fire-resistant, so it will be a much welcome addition to your emergency or survival kit. Easy to care for and durable, this blanket will be with you for a long time. To top it off, you can throw it in the washing machine to clean it up after your travels.

This olive green wool camping blanket is a great help for camping trips in winter. It is a large, heavy wool camping blanket that will keep you warm even in a storm. Since wool is a natural water repellant, it will keep moisture at bay, a very welcome help in harsh weather. This blanket can be wrapped around a sleeping bag to keep you warm.

This multipurpose blanket can be used as a shelter against the elements, for ground covering or as a camping blanket. It can surely be a great help if you're outdoors, or in an emergency. A plain, simple blanket that will endure many adventures and help you for many years to come.

This 100% wool camping blanket is very sturdy and it comes in an olive or grey color. It is built to last, so you will get your money’s worth. It is a heavy, warm blanket that is great for people who spend time outdoors and need something that will resist the weather and the time. This is an Army Surplus, so it isn't made to be beautiful or elegant, but to be strong, reliable and useful, and it delivers. A must for hunters, hikers, or anyone who spends much time in the wilderness.


Choosing the best camping blanket is important, and it can mean the difference between a great camping trip and a failure. It is also important to keep in mind which kind of travel you are doing, so you can choose a blanket that will fulfill your needs. We have seen wool camping blankets, a great choice for camping travels in cold and harsh weather. They keep body heat inside, and they repel water as well, so, if you pick the right one, those weather conditions won't be a problem to you. A good blanket will keep you warm, comfortable and safe during your travels. We picked the best camping blankets, so you will able to choose without fear and enjoy your travels to the fullest.

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